• Bellicose - war-like; aggressive

    Consummate - complete; total; supremely good

    Elusive - hard to pin down

    Gregarious - extroverted; sociable; outgoing

    Jaundiced - cynical; pessimistic

    Superlative - extremely good; the best

    Whet  - sharpen

    Belligerent - aggressive; ready to fight

    Emaciated - very thin; withered

    Gritty  - coarse; granular

    Jaunt  - short pleasure trip

    Philanthropy - charity; love of mankind

    Surly  - grumpy; rude

    Whimsical - capricious; changeable

    Bemoan  - complain about

    Contrite - sorry

    Emancipate - set free

    Nomadic  - wandering from place to place

    Philistine - uncultured person

    Surreptitious - secret; sneaky; stealthy

    Willful -  stubborn

    Benevolent - kindly

    Contrition - sorrow and repentance

    Embezzle - defraud; steal

    Guile  - cunning; craftiness

    Nonchalance - an appearance of indifference; calm and composed

    Redress  - put right something that was wrong

    Surreptitiously - secretly; furtively; stealthily

    Benign  - kindly; harmless

    Embroil -  involve in hostility or argument

    Guileless - frank; straightforward; honest

    Jocular - in a joking manner

    Nondescript - having no special features; dull and ordinary

    Pillage  - plunder

    Redundant - unnecessary; superfluous

    Susceptible - vulnerable

    Wispy -  flimsy; frail; delicate

    Benignity - compassion; gentleness; fondness

    Contusion - a bruise

    Gullibility - unwariness; trustfulness; being easily fooled

    Nonentity - a person of no importance; not famous

    Pinnacle - topmost point

    Referendum - public vote

    Suspect  - doubtful

    Wistful  - melancholy; pensive; expressing a longing for

    Bequeath - leave something in one's will to be given after one's death

    Conundrum - a puzzle

    Emulate -  to imitate something admired

    Gullible - easily fooled

    Jubilant - ecstatic; delighted; rejoicing

    Nostalgia - longing for the past

    Pious  - very religious

    Refute  - disprove

    Sybarite - lover of luxury

    Zany  crazy; wacky

    Berate  - scold; criticize

    Conventional - usual; customary; common

    Endorse  - give support or approval to

    Gustatory - concerned with the sense of taste

    Judicious - correct in judgment; wise

    Notoriety - infamy; known for wrong doing

    Pivotal  - of central importance

    Regale  - entertain

    Sycophant - bootlicker; flatterer

    Zeal  - enthusiasm

    Corpulent - fat

    Endurance - staying power; patience; stamina

    Hackneyed - common and over-used

    Jurisprudence - science or study of law

    Novel  - new; unusual

    Placate  - pacify; soothe; calm

    Relegate - dismiss to a lower position

    Taciturn - quiet; saying little

    Zealot  - fanatic

    Corrugated - highly folded

    Enduring - lasting

    Hallowed - worshipped; consecrated

    Juxtapose - place next to
    Novice  a beginner; tyro
    Placebo  harmless medicine with no effect; dummy medicine
    Remorse  regret; sorrow; contrition
    Tactile  concerned with the sense of touch
    Zenith  summit

    Bane  troublesome influence
    Condone  tacitly support; overlook
    Eclectic taking things from different sources
    Genre  a category; type
    Irascible easily angered
    Mundane  ordinary; worldly
    Perpetuated caused to continue
    Rancor  resentment; animosity; bad feeling
    Strut  swagger; show off
    Voluble  talkative

    Bard  poet
    Condoning overlooking; disregarding; ignoring
    Edifice  building; structure; construction
    Germane  relevant
    Ire  anger [irate (a) = very angry]
    Munificent generous; charitable
    Perpetuity eternity
    Rant  use bombastic language
    Stupefying astonishing; shocking; stunning into silence
    Voluminous very large; spacious

    Bastion  fortress; stronghold
    Conflagration big fire
    Efface  wipe out; remove all trace of
    Germinal just growing; not developed; immature
    Irksome  annoying; infuriating
    Mutinous very rebellious
    Personable attractive
    Ratify  approve; consent
    Subpoena summons to court
    Voracious ravenous

    Befuddle confuse
    Confound confuse
    Effigy  a model of a person
    Gibbering making meaningless noises
    Ironic  satiric; unexpected
    Myriad  in large numbers
    Perspicacious insightful; sharp; wise
    Raucous  rough and unpleasant (of sounds)
    Substantiate give supporting evidence
    Waive  surrender; give up

    Begrudge resent
    Congeal  to solidify
    Effusive gushing; demonstrative
    Glacial  hostile; unfriendly; cold; icy
    Irrational unreasonable; absurd
    Navigable suitable for sailing
    Perspicacity insight
    Raze  destroy; demolish; tear down
    Subterfuge a trick
    Wane  grow less

    Beguile  mislead; lure
    Congenital present from birth
    Egalitarianism belief in equality
    Goad  prod; urge
    Irreproachable cannot be criticized; perfect
    Nebulous vague
    Pertinent relevant
    Rebuttal denial
    Subtle  not obvious
    Wary  hesitant; cautious

    Belabor  explain in unnecessary detail
    Connoisseur person with refined taste and good judgment
    Egregious outstandingly, obviously bad
    Grate (v) 1. to annoy; aggravate; vex; 2. shred
    Irrevocable cannot be cancelled; unchangeable
    Nefarious wicked; immoral; disreputable
    Peruse  read carefully
    Recant  disclaim; retract statement
    Subversive rebellious; revolutionary
    Wax  to increase; to grow

    Beleaguer besiege; attack
    Consecrate dedicate
    Egress  exit
    Gratis  free of charge; without payment
    Itinerant nomadic; wandering from place to place
    Negate  cancel; deny
    Pervasive spreading everywhere
    Recapitulate summarize
    Succinct concise
    Waylay  accost; stop; approach; hinder

    Belie  contradict
    Consensus general agreement
    Eloquent fluent and persuasive in speech
    Gratuitous unwarranted
    Jaded  tired; bored; worn out
    Negligence carelessness
    Petrify  1. terrify; 2. turn to stone
    Receptacle container; vessel; holder
    Suffragist someone who campaigns for voting rights
    Weighty  serious

    Belittle to demean
    Conspicuous easily seen; prominent
    Elucidate make clear
    Gravity  seriousness
    Jargon  specialized language used by experts
    Neologism newly coined word
    Petulant sulky; peevish
    Recluse someone who cuts himself off from life
    Supercilious proud and haughty