Any student interested in joining the Boys Cross Country team, please contact Coach Delo through email: sdelosangeles@neshaminy.org

    Official Fall Cross Country Practices will begin starting Monday, 8/15/22 from 8-10am. We will meet at the track at NHS. Please make sure ALL Family ID and PIAA Physical Forms are completed before attending. Please bring plenty of fluids in preparation for practice.



    Monday, 8/15: NHS - @8:00-10:30am

    --2nd (Voluntary) Practice: TBD @ 5:30-7pm (Captain’s Practice)


    Tuesday, 8/16: Maple Point - @8:00-10:30am


    Wednesday, 8/17: Core Creek - @8:00-10:30am

    --2nd (Voluntary) Practice: TBD @ 5:30-7pm (Captain’s Practice)


    Thursday, 8/18: Maple Point - @8:00-10:30am


    Friday, 8/19: Maple Point - @8:00-10:30am


    Saturday, 8/20: OFF

    Sunday, 8/21: TBD


    Monday, 8/22: Core Creek - @8:00-10:30am

    --2nd (Voluntary) Practice: TBD @ 5:30-7pm (Captain’s Practice)


    Tuesday, 8/23: NHS - @8:00-10:30am


    Wednesday, 8/24: Core Creek - @8:00-10:30am

    --2nd (Voluntary) Practice: TBD @ 5:30-7pm (Captain’s Practice)


    Thursday, 8/25: Maple Point - @ 8:00-10:30am


    Friday, 8/26: Core Creek - @ 8:00-10:30am


    Saturday, 8/27: OFF

    Sunday, 8/28: TBD


    Monday, 8/29: Maple Point - @ 8-10:30am (w/ Coach Chapman)

    --2nd (Voluntary) Practice: TBD @ 5:30-7pm (Captain’s Practice)


    Tuesday, 8/30: Core Creek - @ 8-10:30am (w/ Coach Chapman)


    Wednesday, 8/31: First Day of School / NHS - @2:30-5pm

    Thursday, 9/1: NHS - @2:30-5pm

    Friday, 9/2: Invitational @ Maple Point (3:30pm Start Time)

    Dismissal from class at 1:45pm, bus departs from Gym 1 @ 2:00pm




    Specific Locations:

    Neshaminy High School – Meeting in the Band Lot Parking lot next to the front lawn

    Maple Point – Meet by the soccer field wooden wall

    Core Creek – Meet at Duchess Lane parking lot (first parking lot from Strawberry Ridge entrance)

    ALL those interested in joining the team must have a completed PIAA physical form and have signed up on Family ID BEFORE attending practices. Please see the school's athletic page "Registration and Physical Information" for those links.

    Cross country running is a sport in which individuals and teams race 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) over open ground.  It is both an individual and a team sport where runners are judged on individual times and teams by a point scoring system that adds together the finishing places of each runner.