• Child Development
    with Mrs. Rivera
    Preschool Lab  
    The Child Development and Parenting course provides a framework for learning about issues affecting parents, caregivers, and those involved in careers associated with young children.  Child Development students are given the opportunity to understand the growth, development, and guidance of preschool children through participation in the Neshaminy Preschool Laboratory. Students plan, prepare, and observe learning activities in the laboratory preschool for our community’s, four, and five year-olds.  These experiences offer high school students a model from which they can learn and discuss real-life issues related to child development.  Students who plan a career in childcare may work towards earning their Child Development Associate Ready Certification in this course: the candidacy requirement for the national C.D.A. Credential.
    Parents and guardians of 3 and 4-year-olds can apply to have their children attend the Neshaminy Preschool Laboratory during the school year. Please click here for information and an application form.