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    Welcome to Neshaminy Golf

    If you are interested please fill out the form on the link below to receive all the information you will need.



    Please do not hesitate to contact Coach Dillon with any questions




    You must  have Family Id registration and a current Physical ready (Dated after June 1) in order to try out.

      The link below will take you to family ID and Physical


    Fall 2021 Schedule (additional Matches may be added)

    Fall 2021 Golf Schedule


     Tryouts will be held at Middletown Country Club on Monday August 16th (Team meeting at 9:00 AM) Tee off at 10:00 AM and Tuesday August 17th at 11:00 AM.

     How to get ready for the upcomming season:
                                                                                 1. Practice: go to the driving range and putting green and practice all shots.

                                                    There are three driving ranges in the area: Makefield Highlands in Yardley (this facility has a short game practice area and putting green),

                                                     Snipes in Morrisville and The Mad Golfer in Southhampton; also Middletown has a practice putting green.

                                                                                 2. Play Golf

                                                   Our home course (Middletown Country Club) offers a $10 rate to the Neshaminy High Golf Team (Walking, afternoons Monday through Friday), Makefield                                                       

                                                    Highlands offers 4 $20 rate, And Five Ponds offers a $10- 9 hole rate and a $20- 18 hole rate. There are also clubs that offer junior memberships.

                                                                                 3. Work with a swing coach

                                                   A PGA professional will help get you ready for try outs, as well as get your game to the next level. Contact me if you need assistance finding a 

                                                   qualified  instructor.

                                                                                 4. Play in competitions

                                                    Consult the Golf Association of Philadelphia’s website for information on Junior Tournaments.
     5. Learn the rules of golf.
    Now stop reading this and go practice


    Neshaminy Golf Web Site

    All team information will be posted on Website


         Varsity: 8 golfers

          Junior Varsity: Maximum of 8 golfers  

    Captains   Varsity / JV


                    Matches Golf Matches and Tournaments

    Matches consist of 8 Varsity golfers per team playing a 9 hole stroke play competition. At the conclusion of the match, the aggregate of the top 5 individual scores are taken for both teams. The lowest aggregate team score determines the match winner.

    Tournaments are conducted using stroke play competition in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf.

    Season of Competition

    The Neshaminy Golf team competes during the Fall Sports Season that begins in August and concludes in October. 


    Our Divisional Opponents:

    Bensalem High School

    Council Rock High North

    Council Rock High School South

    Harry S. Truman High School

    Pennsbury High School


    Practice (begins at 3:00 M-Th when there is no match schedules), there is no bus to practice or home matches, so you must make arrangements. Please see me if you have any issues with this.

    Please let me know if you will miss a practice, habitual missed practice may result in not being eligible to play in a match.

                           Middletown Country Club- Playing practice (9holes- Approximately 2 hours)

                           Makefield Highlands Golf Club- Range work (approximately 1.5 hours)

    Uniforms Shirts are $28

            Booster Parents/ Fundraising

     Dress Code

     Collared shirt, soft spikes or tennis shoes are required. Please no denim, gym shorts, t-shirts, sweat pants, or tank tops: cargo pants are frowned upon and will not be allowed during once the season starts.

    • Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward, males must remove hat/visor while indoors

    • Prohibited Dress at the Golf Course 

    • Tank tops, T-shirts

    • Denim shorts, cargo shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts, jeans, sweat pants, yoga pants, ripped clothing


    Know and understand how to apply the USGA rules of golf. Click on this link for an overview of the USGA Rules of Golf.

     Zero tolerance for cheating, anyone who cheats will be cut.



    • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including abusive language, cheating,

    • Throwing a club, disrespect to volunteers, officials or fellow competitors, or abuse of golf course property

    • Not adhering to the dress code at the host golf course

    • Use or association with drugs, alcohol, or smoking or chewing tobacco products

    • Vandalism at the host facility, abusive behavior to host family or property

    • Failure to treat host golf course with respect by ignoring the responsibility of caring for the course, filling divots and fixing ball marks

    • Physical abuse, threat of physical abuse, verbal abuse, slander or libel towards other players, parents, coaches, sponsors, host golf course staff or membersPlayers are required to bring and use their own facemask/covering when they are unable to social distance at the host facility, especially during weather delays or evacuation.

                   SOL Alcohol Policy


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