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    Name: Ms. Sharon Gianni

    Thank you for viewing my page.
    As I sit here this August thinking about how last year ended and this year is beginning I am feeling uncertain in many areas.
    I sense that you may be as well.
    In all of my experience as a teacher ...never have I ever... approached a year like the 2020-21 year coming to us all very soon.
    I have so many questions - both as a parent and a teacher. I hope that this note can provide you with some answers to how I intend to approach this school year in my classroom.
    #1- PLEASEPLEASE verify that the Home Access Center and your student's grade level office has the email/contact information where you can be reached.
    What does your student need to be successful in my in person & virtual class? 
    • A planner to organize and manage assignments.  While Canvas has a calendar and alert system, writing down assignments is proven to help in remembering them as well as visualize all that has to be done alongside of your student' other commitments:  Work; sports; music/dance lessons, etc.  It is my go to spot when I need to know exactly what I have to do and when.  That calms me and makes me feel in control.


    • A 3 Ring 1 .5" Binder for collection of notes and handouts for the class.  While work will be onine, it is important to understand that each day is not a " 1 and done" assignment.  Each day in class paves the way for the following day's lesson.  It's all connected.  The notebook is essential to keep track of this.  There will be a Reference Table of Contents to help organize by date & page #.  Once back in school, if you need to , you can print your work to officially set up your notebook.


    How does this virtual start happen?  What does it look like? ...Clearly this will be added to once I know....

          Organization and making sure a system is set up is imperative, but since I haven't done this before, please consider this fluid and changeable as needs are                       presented.

    • Set up Google 20-21 Class Folders to house chronogically handouts & assignments.  Label mine MWH or Modern World History Period (which ever is your period)You will need to save these handouts by chronological dates and titles which correlate to the Referenced Table of Conteents
    • Set up access to Digital Text for the 10th MWH and 12th should download the Psychology Text chapters for now. (we are working on digital access)
    Here is the Link for our new digital page CANVAS https://neshaminy.instructure.com/login/canvas 
    I am not sure if the Class Set up will follow the mandatory set up we were required to use this Spring or there will be some leeway in the presentation of  lessons & assignments. 
    Let me simply state - that IMO - Connections are essential for learning to happen - even at the high school level.  Connections are made in the classroom or the hallways, by way of face to face conversations - even a smile or helping hand with the locker or how to find a classroom, etc.  and we don't have that the beginning this year.  

    So while my goals this year are to have your student:  think critically, utilize/publish digitally, and improve his/her literacy ALL OF THAT takes a back seat for now until I can ensure that everyone has access to what they need to virtual learning online.  
    We will still have rigor - but with empathy and the willingness to "hold space" for the work to be done. 
    It will be essential for all of us to know we are in this together ....
    Again the best way to reach me is via email.  Once each class is up on Canvas - there is email thru Canvas.  

    Sharon Gianni