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    Name: Sharon Gianni

    I am very excited to begin my 26th year at NHS. 

    At present, I AM teaching 12th Senior Semester Honors Psychology & Psychology,
    and 10th World History Honors/College Prep.  
    Here is my schedule.  I usually arrive to school by 6:40.
    HR   Period 1- F209 - Honors Psychology
            Period 3- F213 - Honors Modern World History
            Period 4- F213 - Modern World History
            Period 6- F213 - Honors Psychology
            Period 7- F213 - Study Hall
            Period 8- F213 - Modern World History

    I will also plan 1-2 days after school for extra help.
    Please take the time to verify your eschool contact info in order that you receive ANoteFromGianni weekly updates to your student's learning environment.
    Here is the Link for our new digital page CANVAS https://neshaminy.instructure.com/login/canvas

    My goals this year are to have your student:  think critically, utilize/publish digitally, and improve his/her literacy.

    One of the most helpful tools for any student is an actual Monthly/Weekly Planner to manage all of his/her student responsibilities, as well as, other commitments. 
    To check due dates for assignments see the Daily Schedule; HAC & then the Canvas Calendar..
    As permitted handouts will be provided for your student digitally; however, in some cases that is not possible.
    For the 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL - a 2-pocket folder and the planner are essential.
    Here is an ideal list of supplies needed by Wednesday, 9-4-19
    • The Monthly/WeeklyPlanner
    • Two 2 pocket Folders
    • One 3 Ring Binder - 1"- no larger than 1 1/2" filled with Notebook paper
    • One packet of 5x7 index cards
    • Pencils
    • Highlighter



    The best way to reach me is via email: sgianni@neshaminy.org

        quote by Abdul Kalam