• Neshaminy School District

    Comprehensive Plan, 2021-2024

    Comprehensive plan illustration

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    Four Targeted Goal Areas

    1. Modern, Safe School/Campus Environments   

    Many Neshaminy Schools were built in the 1950/1960’s.  Over a decade ago, Neshaminy developed a long-range Facilities Plan which incrementally reduced the existing 15-school system to the present 10-school system.  The plan included the renovated Neshaminy High School and the New Tawanka Elementary School. In the process, the remaining schools received renovations bringing most schools up to twenty-first century standards in terms of Ventilation, Technology Infrastructure, Heating & Cooling and Insulation. 

    This Strategic Goal aims to continue this process both inside and outside, evaluating our older facilities then determining whether to renovate or build new.  Moreover, the goal is to add teams of people to ensure the human elements function optimally to complement the “Modern Safe” physical plants. 


    1. Guaranteed, Viable Curriculum & Instruction

    Student Academic Success is a function of “What is taught?,” “How is it taught?,” and “How is it measured?”  Student Social/Emotional Success is a function of the same; a twenty-first century education goes well beyond Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.   Guaranteeing that all students have access to a high-quality curriculum and instruction beyond academic content is at the center of equity. Quality Instruction is both an Art and a Science.  The continuous renewal of content and research-based instruction is necessary in the rapidly changing World which Neshaminy will lead in the very near future.

    This Strategic Goal aims to evaluate curriculum and assessment, K-12, and establish common language for instruction as the foundation of Goal 4: Sustainable Culture of Professional Learning & Leadership.


    1. Student-centered, Parent-focused, Community-informed

    School Systems are service organizations in our constantly changing World of human needs.  Their clients are the students, parents and the larger community.  Decision-making and programs should be viewed through that lens.  As such, beginning with the end in mind, post-high school College and Career Pathways should be the theme K-12.  Moreover, the pathway to success is rarely straight and direct.  Neshaminy Families deserve systemic supports, interventions, options and timely communication. Again, ensuring all students and families have access to such systems is at the center of equity.

    This Strategic Goal aims to focus a common purpose of the organization in supporting students, parents and the Neshaminy community.


    1. Sustainable Culture of Professional Learning & Leadership

    An organization that learns is an organization that succeeds.  Learning Organizations utilizing job-embedded, apprenticeship and expert training/coaching models to continuously improve their staff’s ability to meet the needs of those they serve.  Veteran pilots learn new skills in the cockpit; doctors in the operating & emergency rooms; carpenters on the jobsite, as educators should learn in the classrooms guided by the expert support of their colleagues.  Such learning to improve should involve all staff aligning their job responsibilities to the Mission and Strategic Goals of this plan.

    Secondly, an organization is only as good as its people.  Given the complexity of the job-market and forecasted shortage of the education worker in the coming years, meaningful systems will need to be in place to promote staff recruitment, staff retention and staff transition. 

    This Strategic Goal aims to further advance Neshaminy as an adult learning organization to better support students, parents and the Neshaminy Community.