SKI CLUB
     Advisor:  Señora Jennings  diannajennings@neshaminy.org

     WELCOME!! :) 
     ski club
    We are excited for the Winter Season of our school year 2019-20
    Our plan is to have 1 to 4 day trips .
    Pending on members , our tentative dates are:


    1/24/2020 BLUE MOUNTAIN IS STILL ON!!!

    1/31/2020-Camel Back

    2/7/2020- Bear Creek

    Do no forget to sign in in the co curricular website.
    We will be meeting at the beginning of the school year for information on these trips.
    Señora. Jennings (G123)
    ** The bus fee will vary depending on how many students sign up for each trip
    *** we need a MINIMUM of 35 students to hold a trip!!
    Please complete the Family Id Registration information:
    To recieve all Ski Club messages :
    Enter this number : 81010
    Text this message : @nhsskic



    For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Señora Jennings at dianajennings@neshaminy.org.