Tennis Begins
    March 4, 2024
    Meet at the Hub
    Come prepared to play
    You must have your physical
    This year there will be a
    Booster fee of $75
    that will
    cover expenses and uniforms
    Any Questions See or email
    Coach Bech
    Coach Schneider
     Please have your parents sign up
    with the link below
    It will Bring you to Family ID and Physical
    Athletes must hand in to the coaches page 6 of the PIAA physical form signed by a Doctor
    All team members are expected to attend all practices unless excused by their coach.
    All team members are expected to participate in all team activities unless excused by their coach.
    All team members are expected to meet all obligations for the team unless excused by their coach.
    By trying out for the tennis team you are agreeing to meet these expectations.

    Neshaminy Rules 2021-2022

     As a member of the tennis team your coaches expect you to abide by the following rules: 

    Eligibility/Regulations Comply with all PIAA and Neshaminy School District eligibility rules and regulations. These include but are not limited to the following: 

    School Board Policy #510 Alcohol and other drugs and Co-Curricular Substance and Abuse Guidelines.  Includes: Smoking, vaping etc.

    School Board Policy #554- Hazing 

    The purpose of this policy is to maintain a safe and positive environment for students and staff that is free from hazing. Hazing actives of any type are inconsistent with the educational goals of the district and are prohibited at all times. 

    School Board Policy #516- Academic Eligibility

     The purpose of this policy is to encourage students in co-curricular activities and athletes to meet their academic requirements. 


    • Practices are going to be held every day from 2:15 pm until 4 pm. You must attend all practices unless one of the following apply:
    • Practice is cancelled by the coach.
    • You are ill and not in school the day of a practice (you must call and notify the coach via email or cell phone as to your absence and why before 11am) 
    •  You have made a previous arrangement with the coach in regard to the practice on a given day (emergency, family problems, schoolwork)


    • All varsity and JV games begin at 3:30 or 3:45 depending on the site.
    • All players are to attend and stay for Varsity and JV games. 
    • All players will travel to and from all away matches on the team bus. 
    • Players will be missing some of their last period class for away matches and they are responsible for any missed work. 
    • In order to be eligible to play in a match you must sign in before 5th period (10:55 am) 
    • To be eligible to play in a match, you must attend the practice/game prior to the match.



    Your behavior should be exemplary. You represent yourself, the team and the school by being a member of the team. Therefore, no inappropriate behavior on or around the tennis courts will be tolerated. You represent Neshaminy tennis in and out of season. 

    •     In school and out of school suspension will result in not being permitted to practice or play on the dates of suspension.
    •   You will then have a meeting with the coach and the school to decide your future on the team.
    • Any other behavior problems will be dealt with through the coaches, school and parents if necessary.
    • Foul language and obscene gestures will not be tolerated. 
    • Players should treat coaches, teammates, parents, trainers and officials with respect. 

    Academic Eligibility

    • Grades are essential to remaining apart of the team. 
    • Eligibility is run on every Friday during the Winter Season.
    • In order to be eligible to play the next week, a player may have no more than 1 F 
    • Player will be told on Monday if they are eligible for the week.
    • If a player is ineligible, they may attend practice but cannot attend or play in any matches for that specific week.
    • If a player continues to be ineligible, they will lose their privilege to practice as well as play in any matches. 


    • No phones will be permitted during any practice/match
    • This includes music, videos games etc.
    • If you are caught using your phones consequences will be handled accordingly


    • Communication between the coaching staff, players and parents is very important to the success of the team

     Players and Coaches 

    • When a player needs to talk to the coach, they should contact the coach not their parents
    • Players may approach coaches with any question they have regarding themselves before or after practices/matches



    Coaches and Parents

    • Parents may approach coaches at a time that is appropriate and convenient for both if they have a concern about their child that their child cannot workout with the coach. 


    • In order to receive a Varsity letter a player must participate in 40% of all the games on the schedule (this is a school rule) 
    • No one is guaranteed playing time just because they have attended practice.
    • You must EARN the right to play!! 
    • During tennis season, tennis is your primary sport.  

     Dress Code

    • On match day we will wear your tennis uniform shirts, tucked in. 

    Please sign and detach to return to your coach Boys Tennis Coach. I agree and will follow to 

    the best of my ability the rules and guidelines for Neshaminy boys tennis. This must be signed 

    and returned the first day of tryouts held on March 7th.

    Players Printed Name:     Date Players signature 

    ____________________________ __________________________

     Parents Printed Name: Date Parents signature

    ____________________________ __________________________

    Any questions email Coach Bech or Schneider