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    Accounting Career Day For BCIT Students at Temple 

    On October 24th, forty-one students from Neshaminy High School’s BCIT Department traveled to Temple University to benefit from the PICPA (Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Accounting Career Day.  This was a free program offered to students for the purpose of learning more about diverse career opportunities in the accounting profession, to discover the advantages of the CPA designation, as well as gain exposure to a college environment.  Students received valuable information from senior Temple accounting students (one being a Neshaminy HS alumnus) and interacted with professionals working in the field who shared life experiences and current career opportunities.  The BCIT Department at Neshaminy High School offers three levels of accounting instruction to high school students.


    100 BCIT Classes Processed

    Through Dual Enrollment

    With Gwynedd Mercy University

     Neshaminy High School partners with Gwynedd Mercy University to offer college credit for specified courses.  These courses are offered through the Business, Computer and Information Technology Department at the high school where students may choose to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program.  This year, 76 students are participating in the program and will receive three undergraduate credits from Gwynedd Mercy University in June for each specified course. Students may enroll in more than one BCIT Dual Enrollment course and graduate high school with a maximum of fifteen college credits.  Since some students do have multiple BCIT classes, the total Dual Enrollment processed this year is 100 classes among 76 students. These credits are transferable to other colleges and universities.   For more information concerning Dual Enrollment click here.


    NHS Recognized for PFEW Participation

    This summer, twenty-three, BCIT high school students attended the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) Program.  The high school received a “Platinum Award” for its large student participation.  PFEW is an educational experience designed for high school sophomores and juniors to learn about career opportunities while taking an active role in running a simulated business.  Exceptional keynote speakers also inspire participants by sharing personal messages of motivation.  Each student received a scholarship valued at $1,500 through the PFEW organization.  The program is open to students from all across Pennsylvania and offers a college campus experience for one week at Lycoming College and Penn College.    The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce takes a very active role in supporting PFEW.  Congratulations to those Neshaminy students who attended this distinguished program over the summer.  Those students are Jackson Bowman, Emma Broomhead, Jenifer Fein, Maddison Gerlach, Vincent Hosephros, Cyvae Hunte, Sean Jackson, Anastasia Lebotesis, Dianira Lebotesis, Lucas Lohn, Arianna McGinley, Viktoria Ponomarev, Dhruv Prajapati, Rachel Prizer, Allysa Pruno, Talyor Regensburger, Jared Rieg, Victoria Silva, Tyler Stay, Kyle Teoh, Justus Warner, Michael Yauger and Lillian Zielinski.


    NHS Students Earn 168 College Credits with BCIT Curriculum
    In June, forty-seven Neshaminy High School students will be receiving college transcripts from Gwynedd Mercy University.  The student transcripts will show three college credits for each Dual Enrollment course taken at Neshaminy High School through the BCIT Department.  This has amounted to 168 college credits for the 2016-2017 school year.  These credits are transferable to other universities.  Students taking Accounting 2, Honors Accounting 3, Honors Microeconomics, Honors Macroeconomics or Information Technology 2 are eligible to participate in this partnership with Gwynedd Mercy University.  The BCIT curriculum was approved by the university as aligning with their complementary course syllabi and textbooks.
    Dual Enrollment is an educational partnership that can be very advantageous for students when planning for undergraduate study. It prepares the student for a fast paced college classroom in the first semester and helps situate students to succeed.  It affords students the opportunity to take courses in other areas of study because the Dual Enrollment credits satisfy degree requirements.  And thirdly, Dual Enrollment courses contribute to tuition savings and may lead to graduating a semester early.  
    Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Awarded to BCIT Students 
    Students enrolled in the high school’s BCIT Information Technology 2 course have taken and passed the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Test for Excel.  This is an industry certification administered by Microsoft and recognized worldwide.  Neshaminy High School has maintained a 100% passing rate.  Information Technology 2 students have completed two years of curriculum instruction aimed to develop advanced Excel skills involving formulas, validation, charting, database filtering, integration, pivot tables and financial functions.  The BCIT Department is pleased to see the students succeed and benefit from this industry credential.  The Microsoft computer assessment is also a validation of curriculum and instruction.
    BCIT Academic Senior Certificate Awards
    On Thursday evening, June 1, the Senior BCIT Certificate Awards were presented during the high school senior awards ceremony.  The BCIT Department was proud to recognize those students who earned one or more certificates in the following areas:  Accounting, Computer Applications, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Investment, Law, Management or Marketing.  A total of twenty seven BCIT certificates were distributed to 17 students.  The goal of the BCIT Academic Certificate Program is to offer a prescribed series of courses that enable students to focus their studies in specific business areas.  The awards are a representation of student interest to prepare for collegiate studies, as well as an interest to develop technology skills for competitive job markets.  The BCIT Department congratulates the award recipients and wishes the students a wonderful graduation with continued success in their future endeavors. 
    BCIT Students Create NHS Food Pantry 
    Students in the BCIT Entrepreneurship classes are working to create a year-round food pantry that will provide food staples to NHS students in need.  Crowdfunding and marketing efforts launched the idea into action.  This is a project-based learning experience for students connecting them to social entrepreneurship curriculum.  Students are learning more about food insecurity issues and are responsible for building inventory.   The school Guidance Department will maintain confidentiality when distributing food to students and families.  

    The project is intended to have participation grow to include activism by the entire high school and Neshaminy community.  News of the food pantry recently spread to Tawanka Elementary School where they collected food donations for an entire week in April.  The high school had a food donation day on May 4th to coincide with MiniThon’s spirit week.  And this year, the district’s Art Show coordinators are asking families to bring a canned food item to donate to the new NHS food pantry.  

    The project has demonstrated to students that an entrepreneurial mindset can positively address social needs through the resourcefulness of many, innovative thought and the generous desire people have to help others.  The NHS food pantry is also known as the SILO, an acronym for Social Intrapreneurs Lifting Others.  Let’s work together to fill the SILO for the summer months!  If you have an interest in helping, contact Janet Dougherty, BCIT Entrepreneurship teacher at the high school.  

    BCIT activities in STEAM Expo
    On April 20th, over four hundred people attended the third annual STEAM Expo for Neshaminy School District.  BCIT teachers and high school students were there offering many activities for K - 6 students and their families. 
    • Children were able to bring their coloring art work to life through an ipad experience using the Quiver App.
    • Children played maze games on laptops.  The mazes were coded by 7th grade BCIT students using Scratch coding.
    • Competitions tested students on their knowledge of where specific keys are located on a keyboard. 
    • Children learned about encryption techniques and tried to unlock coded messages.
    • Children and guests were able to scan their fingerprints and have a digital analysis performed by students.
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    Congratulations to our FBLA 2017 State Competitors!
    Future Business Leaders of America 
    Left Front: Steven Muller, Patrick Forman, RJ Christie, Samantha Kusters, Amanda Kurtz, Jamie Pennington

    Middle: David Fiel, Andrew Schmitz, Jackson Bowman, Jake Van Dine, Lucas Lohn, Zack Roosa, Rebecca Bertel, Lillie Zielinski, Jackie Ziegler, Anna Skrot, Isabella Capecci, Drew Hindman, Mrs. Innocenti

    Back:  Alex Schettino, Veronica Banks, Alexandria Ziegler, Danielle Helstrom, Payton Kelly, Mrs. Madison 

    Missing: Ben Dunn & Brian Ostaszewski

    The Business, Computer and Information Technology Department is proud to recognize the Neshaminy winners of the state FBLA competitions held in Hershey, Pennsylvania on April 3 through April 5.  Over 4,500 FBLA students from across the state of Pennsylvania went to this conference to compete in various business and technology related events. 

    Twenty-five regional winners from Neshaminy High School’s FBLA Club attended the state competition in Hershey.  Neshaminy had the following students recognized for placing within the top ten of their events.  Congratulations to these students for their efforts and their enthusiasm in leadership development and American enterprise. 

     2nd Place award             David Fiel – Cyber Security

     6th Place award              RJ Christie, Steven Muller & Andrew Schmitz—Entrepreneurship

     9th Place award             Danielle Helstrom—Spreadsheet Applications

     10th Place award           Brian Ostaszewski – Accounting 2

     Congratulations to Neshaminy FBLA competitor David Fiel who also placed in open competitive events.

    3rd place award--The Internet

    4th place award--Digital Tools

    7th place award--Computer Operating Systems

    9th place award--Investments/Stock Market  

    78       25 BCIT Students Accepted to the 2017 Summer Program 
    This summer, 25 Business, Computer and Information Technology students plan to attend the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) Program.  PFEW is a unique and challenging educational experience designed for high school sophomores and juniors to learn about career opportunities while taking an active role in operating a simulated business.  PFEW is open to students from all across Pennsylvania and offers a college campus experience for one week at Lycoming College and Penn College.

    The student operated businesses are judged in the areas of management, return on new assets, a marketing and advertising campaign and a stockholders’ presentation.  Also, many keynote speakers creatively address the role of business in our economy and share messages to inspire the participants.  Each student received a scholarship valued at $1,500 through the PFEW organization.  The Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce takes a very active role in supporting PFEW. Congratulations to those Neshaminy students who will be attending this exceptional program over the summer.  

    District Creates IT Internships for BCIT Students 

    Ten BCIT high school students are gaining valuable work experience as Information Technology interns with the district’s IT Department.  The BCIT Department was approached by Kathy Christie, Director of Information Technology, to see if there would be student interest with an internship program.  There was a significant response and ten BCIT students were selected for the mentoring experience.

    Kathy Christie views the opportunity as a great introduction to how IT supports the uses of technology.  “My hope is that students can be involved in helping teach other students the correct ways of using district technology.  Selection process is extremely important.  It is not entirely focused on academics and tech savvy.  It is about students who can prove their trustworthiness. With security being a primary concern, opening the door for student internships allows them to see more of what IT supports.  This transfer of knowledge can continue as we develop future phases of the program.  My goal is to ultimately have a student help desk, as we start future initiatives with eventually having a 1:1 at the high school. I am excited about how the program can grow because the ideas are endless.”

    The IT interns are volunteering after school to assist in the preparation and distribution of 1500 chromebooks for elementary students.  The interns are unpacking devices, registering the assets, initiating the Google management system, and then wiring devices to portable carts.  The interns will be present when carts are delivered to elementary classrooms so that they can see first-hand the excitement brought about by their volunteer work.  The interns are Crystal and Kyle Teoh, Andrew Schmitz, Megan Lucas, Jacklynn Campos, Jeri Odgers, Matt Roach, Rebecca Bertel, Shannon Forman and Brendan McGoldrick.

    Janet Dougherty, BCIT Department Chairperson, is grateful for the project-based learning opportunity.  “It is the ‘learning by doing’ that engages students with a sense of purpose, connects the classroom to real-life applications and may influence career paths.  Our students have many talents that are tied to creative energy.  It is a win-win for the students and district to partner in more project-based learning opportunities benefiting all involved.”

    BCIT Student Accepted to Accounting Summer Residency Program
    Congratulations to Ruben Christie for being selected to the Accounting Career Awareness Program sponsored by the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA).   This is a summer residency program at La Salle University for a week in June and is fully funded by the NABA.  Ruben interviewed with administrators from the Accounting Career Awareness Program in Philadelphia and submitted his application with letters of recommendation.  Only twenty-four students were selected from Philadelphia and surrounding area high schools.
    Virtual Business Accounting Software Purchased With NEF Grant  
     Virtual Business Accounting software was purchased through a Neshaminy Education Foundation Grant award.  The software offers an engaging simulation where students generate accounting working papers, review accounting statements and make operating decisions to solve complex problems for a simulated business. For details about student benefit and curriculum enhancement, view the above video.
    BCIT Students Place 3rd in
    Gwynedd Mercy University 
    Business Case Study Competition 
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    Congratulations to the BCIT students who placed third in the Gwynedd Mercy University Dual Enrollment High School Case Study Competition.  They are Anastasia Lebotesis, Tyler Stay, Jackie Ziegler and Dhruv Prajapati.  A second Neshaminy team also competed and performed very well for the panel of judges.  Those students are Steven Muller, Andrew Schmitz, Tyler Giberson and Steven Wenderlich.

    The students analyzed a case study and detailed the business problems of a family owned company.  Each high school team delivered a presentation that elaborated on the managerial, marketing and financial problems.  Teams also delivered a plan that would solve the problems previously identified.  Each team was evaluated by a panel of six professionals and judged on quality of presentation, identification of key problems and turnaround plan.  

    The competition was open to all high schools who partner with Gwynedd Mercy to offer a Dual Enrollment program. 
    BCIT LifeSmarts Team
    Places Fourth in State

    The Neshaminy High School LifeSmarts Team placed fourth in the state of Pennsylvania for the National Consumers League Competition held in February. There were over 300 teams who participated in the competition across the state. Neshaminy progressed through two rounds of competition.  It was in the final round of the state competition where the team answered a 100 question test and placed second in the state. Neshaminy’s team is comprised of five Business, Computer and Information Technology students who have or are currently taking the BCIT Finance and Investment course. They are Elena Donato, Ryan Connaughton, Tom Edwards, Brynn MacDougall and Sammi Covell.  We congratulate the team for their competition success and the recognition they bring to Neshaminy High School and the BCIT Department.

    LifeSmarts is a program of the National Consumers League. The competition focused on five key topic areas: consumer rights and responsibilities, the environment, health and safety, personal finance, and technology. It complements school curriculum already in place and also aligns with national business education standards. The first place team is Dallas HS in Dallas, PA and will represent Pennsylvania at the National Competition in Denver this April.


    40  Neshaminy High Students

    Become FBLA Regional Winners

    On December 14, Neshaminy High School's FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Club competed in the Region 12 FBLA Competition at Delaware Valley University. Neshaminy High School's FBLA Club is proud to announce the names of 40 students who won or placed in various business and computer application events. This competition was attended by numerous Bucks County high schools.  This year Neshaminy High School has 72 students participating as FBLA club members.

    A majority of the Regional winners, 36 students, are now eligible to attend the FBLA State Competition at the Hershey Lodge, in Hershey, Pennsylvania in April.  The Business, Computer & Information Technology Department wishes them success as they compete at the next level.  State winners will have the opportunity to compete at the national level, this summer in Anaheim, CA.  FBLA is a nationally recognized organization that promotes business and technology leadership in high schools across the United States.

    For a list of winners click here


    1800 BCIT Students Participate in Hour of Code 

    Over 1,800 Neshaminy students in Business, Computer and Information Technology classes from grades 5 – 12 participated in the Hour of Code event last week, December 5th -11th.  This was an international effort designed to reach millions of students all across the globe for the purpose of demystifying computer science and showing that anybody can learn the basics. Code.org, a non-profit, organizes the annual event to expand student participation in computer science and believes computer science should be part of the core curriculum in education, alongside other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses.

    BCIT participation at the middle school level reached 1007 students and high school activities included 805 students.   WIN periods in the middle schools were opened all week to reach additional students so that they could participate in the global event.  These are some of the methods BCIT teachers used to add Hour of Code curriculum to classroom instruction.  Students viewed short videos showcasing the international event with celebrity endorsements and the importance of computer science.   Students experimented with code using game applications.  Students also learned to create code for obstacle courses and applied sequencing with mathematical patterns through Java programming languages.  Students were introduced to Alice (an animation language) through the Hour of Code site where they created a comedy skit involving at least two characters with dialogue.  Sequencing and conditional logic skills were applied to solve coding puzzles.  Activities were geared to appropriate grade levels and Hour of Code provided familiar venues for instruction; Hot Wheels, Dragon Dash, Flappy Bird, Moana, Star Wars and Minecraft to some of the activities.  Instruction may have involved block programming or a code editor to write and define commands, functions and variables.  Eighth grade students also applied their knowledge of coding and HTML programming by creating multi-page websites through a Google sites project.  To view the students’ work access Poquessing, then Mrs. Moraes’s homepage. A high school activity taught students how to compress data, specifically song lyrics. The Hour of Code activity had a goal to compress at least 30% of a song’s lyrics.  Every student met the goal and the top four were able to compress 43% of the lyrics.  They were Emily Alexis, Maria Calderon, Paige Sfida and Hailey O’Neil, indicating girls can also manipulate code and do it very well.   

    The BCIT Department is proud to say over 1800 Neshaminy students contributed to this global educational initiative where students experience the relevance of computer science through basic instruction.