For the 2018-2019 School year, Mr. Dan Luongo will teach the following classes:
    .P. Prep English 10th Grade
    Honors English 11th Grade11th Grade 
    Mr. Luongo also
    Advises Neshaminy's HOWLER Literary Magazine
    Please Follow this link to see my CANVAS page
    If you want to learn more about CANVAS, please see here.
    When at home, Mr. Luongo enjoys life with wife Gabrielle, son Dean, and the rest of his extended family and friends.
    Dean at Boardwalk     Homecoming2013     Prom 2013  
       w/ son Dean in OC,MD                Howler/YBK Homecoming       Chaperoning the Senior Prom
                           Aug. 2013                                  Sept. 27, 2013                             May 19, 2013