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    Technology Education Teacher

    Department Chairperson
    Honors Architecture and Civil Engineering, Honors Architecture & Interior Design, TV/Video Production 1&2, Robotics and Drone Technology, Wood Manufacturing
    Neshaminy High School

    Email: dzickler@neshaminy.org

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    Neshaminy School District - We Build Futures

  • Here is my Supply List for the 3 courses I will be teaching in 2022-2023:

    Honors Civil Engineering and Architecture:

    • 32 Gigabyte Flash Drives
    • Lead Pencils

    Honors Architecture and Interior Design 2:

    • 32 Gigabyte Flash Drives
    • Lead Pencils

    Wood Manufacturing Level 1 & 2:

    • $20 Dollar Lab fee for both levels of Wood Manufacturing
    • Safety Glasses
    • Tape Measure