• Your Checklist


    Use the following checklist to remind yourself of the tasks you need to perform to become a prospective collegiate student-athlete:


    ______ Ask your counselor for a list of Neshaminy High School's NCAA core courses and make sure you take them.
    ______ Study hard and earn good grades.


    ______ Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of the year at eligibilitycenter.org or the NAIA Eligibility Center at playnaia.org.


    ______ Talk with your coach about your athletic ability and which division(s) is appropriate for your skill level


    ______ Make sure you are taking core courses on Neshaminy High School's List of NCAA Courses (these can be found at eligibilitycenter.org or by visiting your guidance counselor).




    ______ Check with your counselor to ensure you are on track to graduate on time.


    ______ Take the ACT and/or SAT and submit your scores to the NCAA using code 9999.


    ______ At the end of the year, have your official transcript sent to the eligibility center using the Transcript release form.

    ______ Take the ACT and/or SAT again, if necessary.
    ______ Request amateurism certification after April 1.
    ______ After graduation, submit your final transcript with proof of gradutaion to the Eligibility Center using the Transcipt Release Form.