• Frequently Asked Questions
    Where is the Guidance Office located?
    The Guidance Office is located past the Administrative Offices and Gym 2 and adjacent to Health Services.
    How do I make an appointment to see my counselor?
    To make an appointment with your Guidance Counselor, please come down to the Guidance Center before or after school, during study hall (with teacher permission) or before lunch. You will be scheduled to see your counselor during a study hall, lunch or if necessary, an elective period.
    What is Neshaminy's college application process?
    College applications are completed during the fall of a student's senior year. All seniors should meet with their counselor to review the application process and to have any specific questions they have answered.  
    It is extremely important to pay attention to application deadlines.  In order to process all applications and transcript requests in a timely and efficient manner, the Guidance Center asks that students submit their applications and transcript requests at least 10 school days before the application deadline.  
    Please be aware that all official SAT and ACT scores must be sent to the colleges and universities directly from the College Board and ACT organization. To send SAT score reports, visit www.collegeboard.org. For ACT score reports, visit www.ACT.org.
    How do I register for the PSAT?
    The PSAT is being offered at Neshaminy High School on Saturday, October 15th. Registeration takes place in September to early October in the Guidance Office.  
    How do I register for the SAT or ACT?
    You can obtain a registration packet in the Career Center in the Guidance Office or register directly online at www.collegeboard.org or www.act.org. You are strongly encouraged to register online so that you can access your scores and other information directly. For more information and scheduled test dates, see the PSAT/SAT/ACT section of website under College and Career Planning.
    What is Neshaminy High School's CEEB/ACT code? Why do I need that?
    Neshaminy High School's CEEB/ACT code is 392145. You need this code when you register for the SATs and ACTs and applying to colleges in order to identify the high school you attended and related information. 
    Where would I go for SAT tutoring?
    See your Guidance Counselor for recommendations along with the Guidance webpage listed under "Tutoring Services."
    How many credits do I need to graduate?
    You need 21.0 credits minimum to obtain a Neshaminy High School diploma. Of these 21.0 credits, students must earn 4.0 credits of English, 4.0 credits of Social Studies, 3.0 credits of Science, 3.0 of math, 0.5 credit of Health, 1.0 credit of Arts or Humanities and 3.5 credits of Electives. For the class of 2013, students must also earn 2.0 credits in Physical Education. Beginning with the class of 2014, students will need to earn 1.5 credits of Physical Education to graduate and will need 4.0 credits of Electives.
    What is the NCAA and how does it apply to me?
    The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is responsible for overseeing 23 collegiate sports and championships and enforcing NCAA determined rules and procedues in order to ensure fair and safe practice. Earlier this summer, the NCAA Eligibility Center unveiled a new registration Web site for college-bound student-athletes planning to enroll in college fall 2010 and later.  The new Web address is www.eligibilitycenter.org. You can register online and find more information about the NCAA at this website.