• Dear Prospective Student-Athlete,

    Please explore the links to the left if you are a student athlete seeking eligibility for college athletics.  It is important to remember that you are a student first and an athlete second.  Colleges will not admit students to play any sport unless they are in good academic standing and meet the college entrance requirements.  In addition to meeting college entrance requirements, students seeking to play NCAA Division 1 or 2 athletics and/or NAIA Division 1 or 2 athletics must also meet eligibility requirements of those organizations.  Details on the eligibility requirements can be found at the links to the left.

    Student athletes must accept responsibility for maintaining their academics and working towards meeting requirements.  Students should be aware of their own credits and grades.  Counselors, parents, and coaches should be consulted regularly throughout the high school years for guidance.  However, the ultimate responsibility rests with the student.  

    Before you approach college coaches concerning their teams and athletic grant-in-aid possibilities, learn about the rules governing the recruitment process.  Even as freshmen and sophomores, it is beneficial to understand the process.  You must let your guidance counselor and coach know of your interest in college athletics early in your high school career (freshmen year is ideal.)  Your counselor will work with you to ensure you are taking the correct classes for eligibility as well as to prepare for college entrance requirements.  Your coach can help you prepare your recruitment video and resume.

    If you are interested in a specific college, do not wait for them to contact you.  The chances of being recruited are marginal for most students; only a small percent of the most accomplished student-athletes are recruited.  It is the responsibility of the student-athletes to make their face, name and talents known to various colleges.  Please utilize the links to the left to help you with this process.