• Tree Identification Field Guide:
        A)  Provide the information outlined below for the front and back of your Tree ID cards.
        B)  Copy and paste pictures for four trees on one page to be cut out later (should use 6 pages for 22 trees) 
    Front of card: Name of tree, pictures of the trees' LEAVES, BARK, (and when possible) NUTS or FRUITS.
    Back of card: 1) Name of tree, 2) Key points to identify tree, 3) Determination of each tree's place in succession (Stages of succession as part of a dominant canopy = Open (meadow), Young, Intermediate, Mature. 4) Any parasites / invasive species that effect each tree, (ex. insects, fungus, etc.) 
    1-4. Maples (Acer) - Sugar Maple, Silver Maple, Red Maple, Norway Maple
    5. Beech (Fagus) - American Beech
    6. Cherry (Prunus) - Black Cherry
    7-10.  Hickory (Carya) - Pignut Hickory, Mockernut Hickory, Shellbark Hickory, Shagbark Hickory
    11. Dogwood (Cornus) - Flowering Dogwood
    12. Ash (Fraxinus) - White Ash
    13. (Liriodendron) - Tulip Tree
    14-17. Oak (Quercus) - Red Oak, White Oak, Pin Oak, Chestnut Oak
    18. Walnut (Juglans) - Black Walnut
    19. Sumac (Rhus) - Smooth Sumac
    20. Honey Locust (Gleditsia)
    21. Black Locust (Robinia)
    22. Ailanthus
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBx5l-AiHqc  Video, How to Identify Trees