• We will be doing informal workouts starting Wednesday July 5th and will run Mondays and Wednesdays (9:00-10:45AM @ the High School) for the Month of July. 
    August 7th-11th
    Voluntary Soccer Camp for 9-12 grades
    Location-Neshaminy High School
    Time-6-8 PM
    No Registration forms, just pay the night of the camp.
    Payment Method
    Cash (preferred)
    Check (if you are paying by check please make the check out to CRW Soccer.
    If you're curious, CRW stands for Chieftian, R'skins, Warriors.
    August 14th
    First day of summer practice
    Practice Times---These time could change with our new facilities!!!
    Week 1 (Aug 14th) -Morning 10-12 & Afternoon 5-7
    Week 2 (Aug 21st)- Morning 8-10 & Afternoon 3-5
    Note: Saturday practice will be morning ONLY