• Honors Nutrition and Dietetics: Fitness for Life
    with Ms. Scotti


    Fitness is by choice, not chance. This course will provide a study of the positive impact that sound nutritional practices and exercise have on good physical and mental health, disease prevention, longevity, and optimal human performance as an athlete. This course begins with an examination of the impact that genetics, culture and life style, the food industry as big business, and technology have on good nutrition, health, and fitness.

    An analysis of the basic food groups, using the food guidance system from the USDA, MyPlate, will reveal the value of eating a variety of different foods that are nutrient dense and the impact that both the macro and micro nutrients in these foods have on good health and longevity. By studying the digestive system and the function of the specific organs and cells in this biological pathway, students will gain an understanding of how the body converts ingested food into the nutrients needed for energy and life functions. The recommended dietary guidelines for the individual at various stages of life are revealed. 

    An examination of sports nutrition and the additional energy needed for athletic training and competition, for the athlete inside each of us, is included. Effective weight control is scrutinized from the perspective that it is not how much, but what you choose to eat that maintains a healthful weight. Common food science and nutrition myths are also considered, as well as the psychology of eating and the related common disorders. Nutrition students will have the opportunity to prepare and sample a variety of healthful snacks, drinks, and meals in the lab portion of this course. Menus will be planned and comparisons will be made evaluating the nutritional content, taste, expense, and ease of preparation of these different foods. Practical experiments focused on food science will also be conducted.