• Family & Consumer Science


    The FCS curriculum focuses on the interrelationships between personal well-being, family, community, and career.  FCS integrates the knowledge taught in other disciplines as it applies to the skills needed for real-life experiences.  FCS prepares students to be proactive in managing life's emerging and challenging issues and equips them for the future: functioning as family members, consumers, citizens, and wage earners.  FCS provides opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to be 21st century thinkers, creators, collaborators, and leaders. 
    All FCS electives are full-credit courses, lab included,
    and available to students in every grade level.

    COURSE 8020   The FCS Major:  Featuring Community Service
    The FCS Major prepares students for their future as responsible, respectful, and contributing individuals. The heart of this elective is character education with focus on service learning through creative collaboration during practical experiences in food preparation, project design, and event planning. Contributing to activities that help the community and its members gives students a valuable perspective as they enjoy the personal reward and responsibility of giving. Lessons in FCS promote personal growth, build leadership and teamwork.
    COURSE 8000   Child Development
    In this course, students learn about real life issues affecting parents, caregivers, and those involved in careers related to children.  Students study the growth, development, and guidance of young children in the Neshaminy Child Development Laboratory Preschool by planning, preparing, and observing learning activities for our community's children.  Students who plan a career in teaching or the child-care industry can earn lab experience hours and work towards their C.D.A.-Ready certification in this course:  the candidacy prerequisite for the nationally recognized C.D.A. (Child Development Associate) credential.
    COURSE 8040   Today's Foods
    Today's Food offers a hands-on approach to developing the skills in food preparation techniques through a variety of cooperative and independent learning activities.  Students learn how to read a recipe, examine the functions of different ingredients, and apply the principles of food science, with an emphasis on food safety and sanitation.  This course includes meal management and preparation, as well as the important relationship of diet to health, including factors relating to the necessity of breakfast, snack foods, and foods for celebrations.  Current consumer trends are evaluated and paired with food selections to enable students to make wise choices throughout their lifetime.  Science, math, and communication skills are reinforced throughout this course experience.
    COURSE 8050   Honors Nutrition & Dietetics:  Fitness for Life
    Nutrition provides an investigation into the impact nutritional practices have on physical and mental health, disease prevention, longevity, and optimal athletic performance. A scientific examination of the nutrients provided by the different food groups exposes the necessity of eating a variety of nutrient-dense foods. A study of the body’s digestive system, including the functions of the specific organs and cells, reveals how the body converts ingested food into the nutrients needed for good health. Students develop a new perspective regarding the influence of consumers, culture, the food industry, government, and technology on our food supply and food choices. Students have the opportunity to prepare and sample a variety of healthful and practical meals in the lab portion of this course.
    COURSE 8060   Independent Living
    Independent Living is an exceptionally relevant course designed to prepare students to face the challenges of living on their own.  Students will complete many of the graduation project requirements as they explore personal aptitudes, interests, careers, and higher education opportunities.  This course focuses on critical components of teen and adult living:  relationships, life-style, housing, and personal renewal.  Students will leave this elective with the understanding and tools necessary to live life to its fullest potential.