• The Family & Consumer Science Major: 
    Featuring Community Service

    with Ms. Scotti

    The F.C.S. Major is a course designed to prepare
     students for the future by promoting:     
    • Personal growth, character building, and interpersonal communication.
    • Responsibility and contribution as an individual, family member, and community leader.
    • Work ethic, organization, management, teamwork, and leadership skills.
    • Service learning through practical experiences in food preparation, sewing project construction, and event planning. 

    Project Based Service Learning 

    • Desserts for the Homeless Meal
    • Veterans and the Armed Forces
    • Animal Shelter Contributions
    • Woods Services
    • Projects for Children's Hospital
    • Quilts for Kids
    • Red Cross Initiatives
    • Aid for Friends
    • Retirement Home Projects 

    In addition, students are given the opportunity to research needs in and outside of the community and design a project that is best suited to exploit their own interests, abilities, and talents.