When should the Federal Reserve raise interest rates or lower interest rates?  How can governments increase or decrease GDP and why would they want to do one or the other?  What tools does the federal government have for fighting unemployment, inflation, recession?   These and other questions are answered in Principles of Macroeconomics, where the laws of supply and demand are  covered as it relates to these questions and more. 
    Students will examine both the public and private sectors of the economy, as well as how government intervention or lack of intervention impacts the economy. Students will evaluate the efficiency of the outcomes with respect to government actions in terms of manipulating the economy for desired outcomes.   The macroeconomics course draws on current and past market conditions such as fluctuating stock market levels and gas prices, GDP, Interest rates, unemployment, the three types of recessions as well as how the tools the government has to fight each are utilized.  Students will learn to  interpret these conditions and develop a prediction of market and economic behavior.
    This is a dual enrollment course and is done in conjunction with Gwynedd Merciy University.  Studnets can earn up to three college credits.  This course is also AP weighted as a 5 and will prepare students to take the AP exam.
    Supply and demand