Grades are based on the following per marking period (MP):



    •Class work (CW)

    CE&P - Classroom etiquette and participation


    •Make Up Points

    •Extra Credit


    A typical MP will have approximately 250 to 300 points


    Tests and Quizzes

    About 30% to 50%  of your grade

    · Straight point system. 

    ·Each question on a quiz or test is worth 2 points unless

       otherwise noted
    · If you miss a test or quiz you have 5 days after
       your return to school to make up the test before deductions.
    ·Each 5 days that goes by after the grace period will result
      in a 5% deduction from the test grade (example: 4 weeks
      to make up test is a 15 % deduction.  1st week 0 deduction, 5%
      each week after is -5%)
    · For both a test and quiz you can take the test a second
      time to bring up your grade.  The maximum highest grade
      you can get for this is an 85%.    
     · Before taking the  make up test
      You must remediate by correcting your mistakes and turning
       in the
    previous test with your mistakes and the corrections
      with the questions and answers written out.  Attach a remediation
      page to your corrections.  Anything less and
      you will not be able to retake the test.
      Note:  You must save a copy of your test taken online
      in order to remediate, (and have as study guide for finals).
      Mr. Deal will NOT make a copy of  the test for you.   

    Class work - About 25% to 40% of your grade

    · Check, check plus, check minus is 3 points

    · Tend to be short class assignments

    · Are excused for up to 3 of these smaller assignments

    per MP due to lab other reasons you are not in class. 

    After 3, you must make up the work.


    Check:  Usually 2/3 points

    Doing the minimum asked.  Average work including a few

    wrong answers, or the right answers but still doing the minimum

    o Check +:  Usually 3/3 points

    Doing AND THEN SOME or more than is asked. Excellent


    o  Check minus: Usually 0 or 1 / 3 points

    Below average work or not doing what is asked


    · Larger assignments done in class are graded based on 1 point per question
       or item unless otherwise noted.  May be as high as 10 points per assignment.
    · Some reading and writing assignments.  Typically involving the
      reading of an article and writing about the article or answering questions.
      Between 3 and 10 points and are most often 5 to 6 points.
    *  It is expected you will do quality work to get the full number of points,
       after all, you have the answers in front of you or you are researching and
       have the information in front of you.


      You must make up larger assignment work.  Even

       if you are out due to lab, you must make it up. You
       have 5 days to do this. 


    HomeworkApproximately 5% of your grade  
    · Will usually be less than 10 minutes for each assignment
    · Generally will have a video to watch to gain "prior knowledge"
      in starting a new subject or topic.  Could also include reading an
      article or part of the
    book.  Grade factors in when there is a six to ten
      point quiz associated with the

    Generally will have two days to complete the assignment. 
    Notebook   A notebook is required. Generally 20 points
      and is either graded at the end of a  marking period or once
      every couple weeks depending on the subject being taught.

    CP - About 10% of your grade

    · Classroom participation

      Includes participation in class assignments/work and

      answering questions when called on, volunteering to

      answer questions, following instructions, behavior

      towards classmates and teacher, working well in a group

       as well as general etiquette in the room. 
              I.e.: no use of cell phones and iPods, 
               and no playing games on the computer. 
      Put another way, following school rules.
      You can not participate in the class if you
      are texting, doing homework, on your cell phone
      or playing computer games.  This is a cumulative
      grade where your overall CE&P for a marking
      period is considered. 


    Extra Credit:  

    - In a typical MP you can earn enough points to

      move your grade up 1 full letter grade or more if

      you do an extra credit book report and weekly

      extra credit


    -Every Friday is extra credit Friday. 

      Up to 5 additional points can be earned

      by reading an article and reporting on

      that article.  See the extra credit form






    Grades for a test, quiz and marking period

    •90% = A

    •80% = B

    •70% = C

    •60% = D

    •Below 60% is failing


      I do NOT usually round a grade up unless you

      have EARNED it.  An 89.9% is  not an A,  it is a B

      unless you have demonstrated you really earned

      the A by doing extra credit, participating in

      class and generally have been a good student.  I

      take effort into consideration.  In reality, it should

      never get to this point since you will know where

      you stand in the class.  Do extra credit early and

      often.  Don't wait till the end of the marking period. 
                           Grades are not given. 
                          They are earned!
     Note: Generally grading is done on the weekends except for tests 
             and quizzes given on the computer.
     Note:  Approximate is just that, an estimate of the percentage of how 
               grades are calculated.  May 
    vary slightly from above stated 
               numbers and marking period to marking period