Honors Macroeconomics

    Macroeconomics examines the behavior of the economy as a whole. The factors of long-run economic growth will be studied along with short-run changes in US domestic output and the flows of expenditures and income. There is an extensive look at inflation, unemployment and price determination. Concepts relating to macroeconomic instability will also be evaluated and discussed in terms of historical performance and theory.  Additionally, the financial sector of an economy is examined through fiscal policy and US public debt, plus monetary policy and the factors affecting money supply and demand. Discussions will debate political and ethical implications connected to economic movement. Curriculum will conclude with a look at international trade and the global economy.

    Macroeconomics is also a Dual Enrollment course where students may earn three undergraduate credits from Gwynedd Mercy University.  These credits are transferable to other universities.  The cost is $400 which is forwarded to Gwynedd Mercy University.

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