• Entrepreneurship and Innovation


     Read the letters below and quickly speak what the words say.

    The pessimist in you may have read "opportunity is nowhere." But hopefully you saw it as "opportunity is now here" because that is how entrepreneurs look at things - positively.
    This is one of my favorite segments of an article written by the editor of the Entrepreneur magazine.
    This course focuses on the process of recognizing a business opportunity and the steps necessary to create, own and operate a successful business. Students will look at the characteristics, advantages and risks of being an entrepreneur. Students will learn how to spot opportunity, select ownership types, understand business plan components, define market mix, look at e-commerce, prepare a financial plan, recognize components of hiring, motivating and compensating staff, plus examine ethics in business.  A focus also extends to social entrepreneurship where social challenges are addressed using new products and approaches from successful business models. 
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation is also about encouraging creative thinking. Innovation and disruptive thinking can change the world. In any industry, company growth depends on creating new products and new ways to serve customers.  An entrepreneurial mindset looks to solve problems by applying new approaches.  Students will practice highly effective habits that will help facilitate creativity and can be used in all phases of life.  
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