• Any questions about Google Classroom?

    e-mail Mrs. Schmidt: lschmidt@neshaminy.org

    Google Classroom

    Parents and Students,
    During the first week of school, students were given a unique Google Classroom passcode to join our class group on my Google Classroom website.  In order to use Google Classroom, students must sign in using their school email address and password assigned by Neshaminy.  I will be using Google Classroom as my main form of homework communication. On Google Classroom, students will be able to access assignments, worksheets, video links to lesson material, etc.
    • How can I access Google Classroom below as a parent?
      • Parents should ask their child for their student username and password to access Google Classroom.  Using the student's username and password will allow parents to access all the classroom materials.

    Google Classroom can  be accessed at the link below: