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    Student Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

    If you have a child with an allergy, we understand how trying this situation is for you and your child. Aramark will help make this experience a positive one. Please feel free to offer some suggestions as you may understand your child’s individual needs better than anyone. 

    Milk/Dairy.  The principal culprits are the proteins in milk, such as lactoglobulin, lactalbumin, casein, and whey. If a child purchases meals regularly and is lactose intolerant we may provide Lactaid in place of milk. 

    Seafood.  Typically if your child has have a seafood allergy it is limited to shellfish which we will not offer on the menu moving forward (Popcorn shrimp is listed for September 2016). However, we will occasionally offer fish (tuna, cod, catfish, halibut), when available. If your child has a document allergy to seafood you should keep this information on file with the school nurse.    

    Peanut/Tree Nut.  These are the leading cause of severe allergic reactions to food, including food-related anaphylaxis. We do not offer Peanut Butter in our "PB&J", instead we make these sandwiches with sunflower butter and call them "SB&J".  However, other students can still bring sandwiches from home that may contain peanut butter so you will still need to inform your child of this possibility dependent on their sensitivity. Tree nut has also been omitted as an ingredient to the daily menu.

    Eggs.  The whites, in particular, cause reactions. More children than adults have an allergy to eggs, and children with atopic dermatitis (dry, scaly, itchy skin) have an increased risk of an allergic response to eggs.

    Ciliacs/Gluten Free.  For a student who has a medical diagnosis of celiac or is on a gluten free diet prescribed by the doctor we have option available to assist them.

    Diabetes.  For a student who has a medical diagnosis of Diabetes we will provide carb counts and other nutritional information on this site. Please be sure the school nurse is involved in this circumstance.

    All Cases of Student Allergy and Special Dietary Needs

    We ask that you contact the Food Service Director, Matthew Taglieber taglieber-matthew@aramark.com , to discuss your child’s allergy, our menu and how we can work together to find the right solution for your child.

    Please feel free to call the Food Service Office at 215-809-6540 to discuss your child's needs; we understand this can be a trying circumstance for you and your child. Aramark is committed to assisting you and your child. We want your child to enjoy his/her experience purchasing meals from the cafeteria






    Special Dietary Needs