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    Email Trish Murray at questions@neshaminy.org or call the hotline at




    Q: What are "live streaming" days?

    • "Live streaming" days will replace asynchronous days Monday through Thursday in the hybrid plan starting October 5. This means that students who are scheduled for an online day will participate with the in-person classes live via Zoom. They will be able to see and hear their teacher(s) and interact with them. Fridays will continue to be synchronous online days for all students.

    Q: Where can I go to get help with Canvas?

        • Call the Canvas Hotline at 215-809-6390

    Q: What should I do if I cannot get into a Zoom link?

        • Email your teacher immediately and let them know you cannot join the Zoom session. You can also call the hotline number above for assistance.

    Q: Is there a link for basic Canvas information for students & parents?

        • Yes! You can find Canvas login information here.

    Q: How will changing plans affect our grades?

        • Your grades will carry with you.

    Q: What happens to electives in option D1 Neshaminy Opt-Out?

        • All students on D1 Neshaminy Opt Out will keep their same teachers and same classes including electives.

    Q: How can I get more information about the Neshaminy Virtual Academy?


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    Plan Choice Options

    Q: What is the difference between option D1 (Neshaminy Opt-out) and option D2 (Virtual Academy)?

        • D1 Neshaminy Opt-out is virtual learning from home with Neshaminy teachers and classes, live streaming Monday thru Thursday, and Live Friday Zoom. NSDVA Virtual Academy operates separate from Neshaminy schools but with some Neshaminy support and benefits; information can be found here. Both plans are available to all grades.

    Q: Can I switch plans at any time?

        • Yes. To opt out, please email Trish Murray at questions@neshaminy.org with your student’s name(s). When you are ready for your student to return to school, simply email your building principal with your student’s name(s) and the date they will return


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    Health & Safety

    Q: What is the NSD Health and Safety Plan?

    Q: What are the symptoms that would prevent my child or a Neshaminy staff member from attending school?

    Q: What is the plan for cleaning the schools during the hybrid & all-in learning phases?

        • Information can be found in the Neshaminy re-opening plan found here

    Q: What is the plan when a positive Covid case is found in a school?

        • We will be following state guidelines. Information can be found here

    Q: What are our plans for contract tracing?

        • We will be following state guidelines. Information can be found herea


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    Q:  Will drop off windows be extended (earlier) so parents can get to work?

        • Yes, information about this will be communicated from your child's school.

    Q: What if I opted out of Transportation but now need transportation?


    Q: My Senior/Junior student would like to get a parking pass.

        • Everyone gets one. Your student should contact their grade level office if they have not already done so.

    Q: Will NSD transport students to private schools?

        • Yes. Neshaminy will continue to provide bus service for private schools.

    Q: What do I do if the bus does not show up?

        • You can report any bus issues to the transportation department at 215-809-6260, 215-809-6261 or 215-809-6265.


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    Q: Can everyone get a device?

        • Yes all students will be given a device. Distribution and repair info can be found at this link.

    Q: What do I do if my students device is broken?

        • HS & Middle Schools: The device can be dropped off at your child's school library and swapped for a temporary replacement until it is fixed. This applies to both hybrid and all-virtual students. 

        • Elementary: For students learning virtually, the device can be dropped off and swapped for a temporary replacement at your child's school main office. Students attending in-person will have the opportunty to swap devices in their classes.

    Q: How can I connect my student's Chromebook to our home printer?

        • We do not support home printers BUT here is a Google recommendation for adding a printer to your Chromebook.

    Q: My student's Chromebook is acting sluggish. Is there anything that will help speed it up?


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    Q: Can students bring their own lunch?

        • Yes students may pack their own lunch.

    Q: Will Neshaminy offer free lunch to those who need it while we are learning virtually at home?  Where are the pick up locations and times?

        • Yes, Neshaminy will continue to offer free breakfast and lunch. Lunches for the following week may be picked up every Friday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at Tawanka ES, Poquessing MS, Carl Sandburg MS and Herbert Hoover ES

    Q: Can students buy breakfast / lunch?

        • There is no cost for students to obtain a school-provided breakfast and lunch during the 2020-2021 school year. There will be three choices every day, including a vegetarian entree.

    Q: Can students buy a la carte items such as snacks and drinks?

        • No, students are not able to purchase a la carte items.

    Q: Do I need to fill out an application to get a free breakfast /  lunch for my student?

        • No, at this time, every student may have a breakfast / lunch free of charge.

    Q: Where can I find the school breakfast / lunch menu?

    Q: What if I only want breakfast / lunch a couple days per week?

        • You can choose to pack a lunch for your student or have them select one of the choices available each day.  You do not need to sign up or order in advance.  There is no cost to have lunch.

    Q: Who can I contact if I need help with my student's lunch account?

    Q: How can I add money to my student's lunch account?

        • At this time there is no need to add money to your studen'ts lunch account unless you have a balance that you need to pay.  If so click on this link for more information on payment methods:   https://www.neshaminy.org/Page/166

    Q: What if my student has an allergy?


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