Pre-Kindergarten Services
    Research clearly demonstrates the importance of pre-kindergarten education to success in elementary school and beyond. Finding quality preschool programs can be a challenge for many families due to the expense and other challenges such as the timing of classes and transportation issues.
    Neshaminy can help by directing families to programs within the district and in the community. While some are subsidized programs based on financial need, parents and guardians may be surprised to find out the guidelines vary quite a bit and programs may  be available even if they thought they might not qualify. 
    Parents and guardians are encouraged to find out and register for classes in the spring, as space is often limited. Neshaminy offers support of the following programs:
    A support service free to qualified low income pregnant women and families with children ages birth to 3. Families receive weekly home visits, monthly support groups, health and wellness services, community activities and more.
    A pre-kindergarten program for families whose income is below federal poverty guidelines, families that are homeless or fostering may qualify. It is a free program for students age 3-5 and follows a traditional school calendar. The Bucks County Intermediate Unit operates a Head Start program at the former Lower Southampton Elementary School in Feasterville and other locations in the county.
    Free to families whose income is up to 300% of federal low-income guidelines may qualify for this program. This district program is designed for children between 3 and 4 years of age, and will also be operated by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit at Lower Southampton.

    For information about these programs please visit the websites listed below and/or contact the program managers:
     Program  Contact  Email  Phone  Website
    Early Head Start Kristi Moreno  Email  215-348-2940 x8800  Website
    Head Start  Joan Pfender  Email  215-348-2940 x8800  Website
     Pre-K Counts Kim Johnson  Email  215-809-6558  Website