The CERT site contains information about critical event, emergency and crisis response situations in the Neshaminy School District.  Please scroll to the section you wish to review.  Information on situations current in the District can be found at these locations:  Message from the Superintendent; Overview of Event; Facts & Rumor Control; Tips for Parents, and; Links.  Previously posted material appears in descending order.

    In the event of a crisis or emergency having impact on students and/or staff in the District, the Critical Event Response Team (CERT) shall coordinate plans to deal with the situation.  Staff should adhere to the advice and suggestions of the Core CERTeam when a critical, emergency or crisis situation has been declared.  Staff members should familiarize themselves with the contents of the District’s “Your First Response – Emergency Handbook” and should follow the guidelines set forth in the handbook.  Each building is inserviced in emergency procedures and has a list of available personnel able to provide immediate assistance.  Additionally, each building has its own Building Emergency Team to help staff and students follow emergency procedures.  The safety and security of students and staff are of paramount importance to the District and every effort is made to insure a safe/secure environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.