Chromebook Learning Opportunities for Elementary Students


    March 23: Update for elementary families on Phase II Learning Opportunity plan


    These Learning Opportunities are not a continuation of our educational program and are not intended to replace the regular instructional day.  The Learning Opportunities below allow students to engage in meaningful learning activities, they are not required.  Work will not be collected or graded by the teacher(s).  Instead the outline below provides a structure of daily activities for families that would like to participate in Learning Opportunities.

    The daily structure below is separated by content area.  On each page you will be able to review and access the Learning Opportunities suggested.  You will receive an email when additional Learning Opportunities are added.

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    • The link ABOVE will take you to Online Elementary Learning Opportunities 
    • BELOW are downloadable resources for each grade level

Kindergarten Downloadable Documents

First Grade Downloadable Documents

Second Grade Downloadable Documents

Third Grade Downloadable Documents

Fourth Grade Downloadable Documents