• Neshaminy Alumni Achievers Video Monitor

    at Neshaminy High School

    Video monitor at Neshaminy HS   Video monitor at Neshaminy HS

    The purpose of this monitor is to provide a bridge between the students at NHS and the alumni community. It is displaying a rotating series of slides, each containing a brief profile of an alumni achievement story or some alumni news. It is our hope that the students will see these profiles as they move around the building and gain inspiration from these stories of success. An additional monitor may be added at a later time to increase the exposure of these stories.

     The general guidelines are as follows:


    • The stories should center around "life achievements," meaning post-HS/college/military success in business, industry, academia, government, trades, entertainment, or community service.
    • Stories can be linked to an award or recognition, or simply share overall success in a chosen field.
    • We'd like to have a mix of stories from the area and from around the world.
    • News of upcoming alumni performances / exhibits / workshops that might be of interest to the students and community can be added.
    • Please try to obtain permission of the nominee before sending information. If you cannot, we will try to contact them before sharing.
    • We will need a photo of the nominee. Photos can be emailed to cstanley@neshaminy.org.

    To nominate a Neshaminy Alumni Achiever please use this online form:

    Neshaminy Alumni Achievers Nomination Form


    The Alumni Achievers screen at Neshaminy HS was donated by the Neshaminy Education Foundation.

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