• Alumni Achievement Awards

    Announcing the 3rd Annual Neshaminy Alumni Achievement Awards

    The Neshaminy Alumni Committee is seeking nominations for the first annual Alumni Achievement Awards to be held in November, 2024. The purpose is to honor outstanding lifetime achievement in post-graduation personal and professional pursuits among the alumni of Neshaminy School District as an inspiration to the current students of Neshaminy and the entire Neshaminy community. Please note that this award is completely separate from the annual Neshaminy Sports Hall of Fame awards and Football Hall of Fame Awards.

    Visit the Alumni Achievement Award website to view past recipients.

    Anybody can submit a nomination. Those wishing to nominate a Neshaminy graduate for this award should fill out the following form:


    The final date for submissions is May 31, 2024.

    Nominees can be local or living anywhere in the world, from any Neshaminy District school or year, and awards may be given in memorium.