The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at Neshaminy School District. The following policies and procedures have been established to ensure their safety and keep our community informed should weather or other circumstances warrant changes and/or cancellations to school and activity schedule

    School Closings
     Should conditions warrant an inclement weather closure, alerts will be broadcast by the following means:
    • Notifications on the District web site and each school's home page
    • Email, text alerts (sign up to receive these through Home Access Center*)
    • Neshaminy mobile app alerts
    • Neshaminy School District Facebook
    • TV: CBS-3, ABC-6, NBC-10, FOX-29


    *If you signed up to get notifications via email or text and are not receiving them, please first check the numbers and addresses you provided in Home Access Center. These can be modified at any time and should be updated to reflect any changes or incorrect information. If they are correct and you are still not receiving messages, please contact the Main Office at your child's school for further assistance.

    Afternoon and evening activities are automatically cancelled when schools are closed due to inclement weather unless specifically noted otherwise.

    Delayed Opening

    Notification of delayed opening will be made in the same manner as school closings. 

     Early Dismissal, Activity Cancellation

    Parents and the community will be notified as early as possible for early dismissals and afternoon / evening activity cancellations using all the communication means above. See the schedules below for dismissal times.

     Inclement Weather Guidelines and Policies

      • Please follow the instructions for Neshaminy School District as announced on the NSD web site.
      • If private schools served by Neshaminy transportation are open, but Neshaminy School District is closed due to inclement weather, there will be NO TRANSPORTATION provided.
      • If Neshaminy is experiencing a weather delay, all nonpublic bus transportation will also be delayed.
      • All families should have an inclement weather plan - parents of young children should arrange to have someone at the bus stop to meet their child on early dismissal days.
      • If your child is a bus rider, please allow them to take the bus to and from school on inclement weather days to avoid crowded conditions in school parking lots.
    • PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR SCHOOLS FOR CLOSING INFORMATION. We need to keep the phone lines free and our staff available to manage inclement weather procedures and handle emergencies. Consult the District web site or other communication methods for information about your school.
    • When schools are closed for inclement weather, Neshaminy Kids Club will also be closed. Kids Club information for delayed opening / early dismissal days will be posted on the NSD and Kids Club web sites.

     Modified Schedules

    (all schedules subject to change as conditions warrant) 
    Early Dismissal Plans 
    Neshaminy School District will endeavor to provide lunch whenever possible (Schedule A). If weather conditions deteriorate quickly, however, Schedule B can be initiated for an earlier dismissal time.
     Schedule A (with lunch)  Schedule B (without lunch)
     11:30 am Neshaminy HS  10:00 Neshaminy HS
     12:15 pm Middle Schools
     10:45 am Middle Schools
     1:00 pm Elementary Schools  11:30 am Elementary Schools
     Two-Hour Delay Start Times
    Neshaminy High School: 9:16 AM
    Middle Schools: 9:55 AM 
    Elementary Schools: 11:10 AM