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    Student Registration

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    Welcome to Neshaminy School District! Please choose one of the options below.
    Language translation services are available for emails, phone calls and in-person appointments.  
    If you need assistance, please contact the Registrar at


    New Student Registration
    Register a new student entering kindergarten or any other grade for the first time in Neshaminy School District.
    If you are looking for the Pre-K Counts preschool program at Neshaminy, please visit www.neshaminy.org/pkc

    Change of Address
    Change the student address for moves within Neshaminy School District.

    Grades 5 and 9 re-registration
    Re-register students entering grades 5 and 9.
    All students entering grades 5 and 9 must be re-registered before the start of the new school year.
    This only applies to CURRENT Neshaminy students.

    Non resident students
    Read information for students whose parents or guardians live outside the District, live with a friend or relative, or reside in a rehabilitative group home.  

    Neshaminy Welcome Packet

    Download an online booklet (PDF) with information about registration, school administration and student information.