Neshaminy School District 

    Meal Charging Policy

    All changes are indicated in italics for ease of distinguishing new guidance.


    Meal Charging Policy, K-12


    • Neshaminy School District is committed to providing nutritious meals daily to our students and we believe children should receive nutritious meals in order to stay focused during the school day.
    • As a participant in the National School Lunch Program, the USDA requires that Neshaminy School District create, maintain and enforce a Meal Charge Policy.
    • Please remember it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to provide a student with a meal or the money to purchase a meal.
    • If for any reason a parent or guardian cannot afford to provide a meal for their child, free and reduced meal applications are available online at schoolcafe.com
    • Paper application are available from the School Nurse and the Food Service Bookkeeper 215-809-6542. These applications are available in 49 languages.
    • If a student qualifies for free or reduced meals, this pricing will not be retroactive; so any balance previously incurred will remain the responsibility of the parent or guardian and an obligation to the District.
    • Neshaminy Food Service will restrict privileges or activities of students who owe money for school meals if those same restrictions apply to students who owe money for other school-related items
    • Parents and guardians can make payments on line at schoolcafe.com or in the school cafeteria using cash or check. Checks are treated as cash and funds are made available same day.
    • Gifts or donated funds are accepted by the Food Service Department for the purpose of offsetting delinquent student meal accounts.


    Meal Charge Guidelines:


    • If a student does not have money at the checkout line and does not have money on account, they will receive their desired school meal.
    • A meal will not be taken from a child because of their inability to pay.
    • Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will not be directly notified regarding negative balances.
    • Students in grade nine through twelve will be directly notified of negative or low balances.
    • Food Service will notify parents or guardians of negative balances on a bi-weekly basis when a child has charged more than five meals.


    A La Carte:

    • A La Carte items include chips, cookies, ice cream or any food items that are not part of a reimbursable meal.

    Students will not be allowed to borrow money for A La Carte items.