Neshaminy School District 

    Meal Charging Procedure


    Meal Charging Procedure, K-12


    • Neshaminy School District is committed to providing nutritious meals daily to our students and we believe children should receive nutritious meals in order to stay focused during the school day.
    • As a participant in the National School Lunch Program, the USDA requires that Neshaminy School District create, maintain and enforce a meal charge procedure.
    • Please remember it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to provide a student with a meal or the money to purchase a meal.
    • If for any reason a parent/guardian cannot afford to provide a meal for their child, free and reduced meal applications are available in English or your preferred language through your school nurse. You can also apply electronically at paschoolmeals.com.
    • If a student qualifies for free or reduced meals, this pricing will not be retroactive; so any balance previously incurred will remain the responsibility of the parent or guardian and an obligation to the District.
    • Parents and student can make payments on line at http://www.com or in the Café with cash or check. Checks are treated as cash and funds are made available same day.


    Meal Charge Guidelines:


    • If a student does not have money at the checkout line and does not have money on account, they will still receive their desired school meal.
    • After the third (3) occurrence of not having money for lunch, (breakfast will not be counted against the student) the student will only receive a meal consisting of a sunflower butter and jelly or American cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk.
    • Students will continue to be charged the standard meal price when given this meal.
    • Food Service will notify parents/guardians of negative balances on a weekly basis by email or letter. Phone calls will be made to parents of students with accounts in arrears of $25.00 or more.



    A La Carte:

    • Students will not be allowed to borrow money for A La Carte Items.
    • A La Carte items include, chips, cookies, ice cream or any food items that are not part of a reimbursable meal.