• COURSE # 7230
    Animation & Filmmaking
    Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
    Level: non-weighted
    Resolvable around Lab: Yes   Credits: 1.0

       This course focuses on the use of the computer as the tool of the artist, animator and filmmaker to create, manipulate and edit content for distribution on television, film and the Internet.  Storyboarding and story development are key components of the program as students move from generating original ideas to creating original 2D and 3D animation, movies and games.
       Students will gain valuable experience in designing, modeling and rendering original characters.  Students will also explore digital painting, lighting, and post-production techniques.  The class will include the study of design, digital color, and digital filmmaking.
       This course will also include an introduction to designing and programming web applications and games using Adobe Animate and other professional software.
    The links below show the wide variety of work that has been created by students in Neshaminy High School's Animation & Filmmaking class:


    Required Supplies: Students will need to purchase a sketchbook and/or notebook.