• COURSE # 7030
    Honors Art / AP Art
    Grade Level: 12
    Level: non-weighted
    Resolvable around Lab: Yes   Credits: 1.0

    Honors Art is divided into three areas of concentration: Art portfolio completion and review, Fine Art Printmaking, and Senior Art Show preparation and presentation.
    Students who are planning to proceed with their visual arts education at the college level will continue to develop their individual portfolios throughout this course work. Students will be encouraged to present their portfolios at local college and art school portfolio review days.
    This course may also be taken for A.P. credit.

    In the A.P course: Through studio practice, application of design concepts, and informed decision making students will create a comprehensive body of work that demonstrates a high level of quality and growth. Students will address the three components of the AP Studio Art Portfolio: Breadth, Concentration, and Quality. They will develop mastery in concept, composition, and execution. Students will be challenged to develop their own personal work and keep an ongoing sketchbook. Students will submit their portfolio to the College Board for grading and possible college credit. Additional: AP Exam Fee


    Required Supplies: Students will need to purchase a sketchbook.