• COURSE # 7020
    Painting & Drawing 2
    Grade Level: 10, 11, 12
    Level: non-weighted
    Resolvable around Lab: Yes   Credits: 1.0

       Students who have successfully completed Painting & Drawing 1 may enroll in Painting & Drawing 2. This course continues to enhance a student’s skills with drawing and painting in addition to a wide variety of other media (i.e.: Ceramics, Sculpture, Photography, Digital Illustration, etc.). The drawing and painting instruction will emphasize developing basic skills while creating work from observation, personal experience and historical reference. Students will concentrate on the preparation and development of their individual art portfolios. Regular sketchbook activities are assigned. This course provides students with an excellent preparation for the continued study of the visual arts. This course may be taken twice.

    Students who successfully complete Painting & Drawing 2 may enroll in Honors Art or AP Art.


    Required Supplies: Students will need to purchase a sketchbook.