Parents and Students:

    I believe that using a 100-point scale is unfair to students and may not be a true reflection of what they know or are able to do. For this reason, I am using a 4-point scale for scoring instead. 

                                        4 = A (exceptional)

                                        3 = B (proficient)

                                        2 = C (needs improvement)

                                        1 = D (unsatisfactory)

                                        0 = F or not done (no evidence of any proficiency)

    Because E-school is based on a 100-point scale, the percentages calculated by this program when using the 4-point scale are not a correct indication of a student’s letter grade. Below please find the new percentage range for each letter grade.

                                          A = 87 to 100%

                                        B = 75 to 86%

                                        C = 50 to 74%

                                        D = 25 to 49%

                                        F = 0 to 24%  

    To learn more about standards based assessment, download this
    power point shared with the students by clicking HERE.