• The Family & Consumer Science Major: 
    Featuring Community Service      

    The Family and Consumer Science (F.C.S.) Major has evolved into one of
    the most

    meaningful and respected high school electives.
  • The F.C.S. Major is a course designed to prepare
    young men and women for the future by promoting:     
    • Personal growth, character building, leadership development, and interpersonal communication.
    • Responsibility and contribution as an individual, family member, and community leader.
    • Work ethic, organization, management, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills.
    • Service learning through practical experiences in food preparation, sewing project construction, and event planning.
    • 21st Century Skills as a thinker, leader, collaborator, and creator.
  • 1                                                                                      "When you know better,
    you do better."
  • Project Based Service Learning

     Nursing Home Visits
     Partnership with Woods Services
     Aid for Friends
     Animal Shelter Contributions      
     Red Cross Initiatives    
     Veterans and the Armed Forces
     Quilts forKids       Desserts for the SharedMeal 
     Children's Hospital Visits
    Adopt a Grandparent Program 
    Collaborative Global Projects with other Schools and Universities
    In addition, students are given the opportunity to research

                          needs in and outside of the community and design a project

    that is best suited to exploit their own interests, abilities, and talents.

  •     The F.C.S. Major is an excellent supplement to a   
    student resume &/or college application.

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