• 1. Select a general topic;

    2. Narrow the topic after reviewing information available;

    3. Develop a thesis, hypothesis, or formal question;

    4. Conduct research and take notes. Sources may include books, videos, audio recordings, newspapers, magazines, interviews, films, museums, internet, and reference works;

    5. Reconsider your thesis, hypothesis, or question based on your findings;

    6. Develop an outline and organize your note cards accordingly (varies according to instructor);

    7. Write a first or rough draft of your research paper;

    8. Revise, edit, and even rewrite your first draft;

    9. Organize and record your system of documentation. Prepare your Works Cited page;

    10. Type your final draft. Include all information requested in your assignment, such as: cover page, thesis, Works Cited page, and other such requirements;

    11. Use standard size (11 or 12) font and type;

    12. Proofread the final draft.

Last Modified on June 10, 2007