• TV & Video Production 2 

    Course #8410 Grades: 10-12

    This course expands and dives further into the student knowledge gained in TV and Video 1.  Students will create visual media on a more sophisticated level.  Students will get the chance to film and edit various activities that go on throughout the school year at Neshaminy including, sporting events, school plays, Gym Night and Powder puff which have the potential to be shown on the Neshaminy Channel or on TV during school lunch hours.  Students are also required to, and are responsible for, directing and producing the Neshaminy morning announcements. This will necessitate being in the TV & Video Homeroom.  Finally, students will learn about various topics including infomercials, commercials and how to conduct, perform and edit interviews which are used in various segments, such as “Teacher / Student of the Week”, “This Week in the News” and “Mad Reviews” seen on the school announcements.

    Prerequisite: TV & Video Production 1