1 Q Goal   A moving the ball by using different parts of the foot 
2 N World Cup   B violation when an offensive player is played a ball when there aren't two defenders between that player and goal
3 L Marking   C restart of play rewarded  when a ball goes out of bounds beyond the goal line last touched by defensive player
4 H Foul   D awarded to a team when another team commits a violation deemed careless, reckless or excessive force.  Kicked directly towards the goal
5 M FIFA   E Sending off violation for a serious foul, violent conduct, spitting, verbal abuse and accumulation of 2 yellow cards
6 K Tacking   F Awarded against a team that commits an offense for which a direct kick is awarded, inside its own penalty area
7 J Header   G Kicking the ball away from the danger area
8 F Penalty Kick   H A violation of the rules rewarded by a free kick
9 E Red Card   I restart of play rewarded to opponents of player who last touched when ball crossed side line
10 S Yellow Card   J Using the head to advance or deflect the ball 
11 R Indirect Kick   K Successful attempt of taking the ball away from another player by kicking or stipping the ball with their feet.
12 I Throw In   L Playing close to an opponent to prevent or hinder him in receiving the ball
13 C Corner Kick   M Federation Internationale de Football Association , offical governing body of international soccer.
14 B Offside   N International soccer competition help by FIFA every 4 years
15 A Dribbling   O Taking control of the ball with a specific body part example: sole of foot, thigh and chest
16 G Clears   Kicking the ball with the shoelace area of the foot
17 T Box   Q A ball crosses the end line between the two goalposts for which a point is awarded.
18 P Instep Kick   R free kick awarded to team after a violation is committed.  Ball must be touched by another player
19 O Trapping   S A caution shown for dangerous or unsportsmanship behavior
20 D Direct Kick   T Penalty area in front of the net, sometimes refered to the 18 yard box.
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