• Choose a scenario from the Stop, Think, and Plan a Good Decision Scenarios.  Read the scenario out loud to the class.  Ask students to name three possible choices for each scenario.  Write the options beneath the CHOICES sign.  Then look at each of the choices and have students discuss the consequences for each choice.  As you discuss the consequences of each choice, write the consequences beneath the CONSEQUENCES sign on the board. Once you have listed consequences for all choices on the board, have students look at the choices again and make a final decision.

    Now that we have done this together as a class, we will complete the rest of the decisions with a small group.  Divide students into a small group of no more than 3-4.  Distribute slips of paper with possible decisions on it.  Have students list at least 3 possible choices and consequences for that choice.  Have students make their final decision at the end.  Share with class.
    Decision Making Scenarios