Gwynedd Mercy University (GMU) Transcript Instructions

  • Congratulations!  You have successfully completed your course for 3 GMU College Credits.

    Below is the information you will need to request an Official Transcript for your credits to be sent to the college you are attending this fall. 

    Gwynedd Mercy University BCIT Dual Enrollment Instructions

    You can put in a request for a transcript now, however, they will not be available until the end of June. Official Transcripts can be ordered and sent to you or any College/University by going to the Registrar’s page of the Gwynedd Mercy University website at the following link, to an external sit.Look for the Transcript information as you scroll down the page and you will be able to read about the options for ordering and sending your transcripts.

    Or you can go directly to nationalstudentclearinghouse.orgLinks to an external site.and select the “order-track-verify” tab to have your transcripts electronically sent.

    Juniors can request transcripts as well. You may want to submit transcripts to perspective colleges/universities to determine if the courses that you are currently taking with Gwynedd will be transferrable.  The “Official Transcripts” will show that a course is “In Progress”.  If you request them as a Junior, please keep in mind you would need to send another transcript that indicates your grade and completion of the course to their final university of choice.