• Neshaminy Dual Enrollment Agreement
    The Business, Computer and Information Technology Department of Neshaminy


    Gwynedd Mercy University


    A Dual Enrollment Agreement has been formed between the BCIT Department of Neshaminy High School and Gwynedd Mercy University. Neshaminy has joined with many other school districts from across the state of Pennsylvania to offer students the opportunity to be enrolled in both a high school class and a college class simultaneously.  These credits are transferable to other colleges and universities.
    High school students are eligible to enroll in the program if they are students in one or more of the BCIT courses mentioned below.  The cost is $400 per course which is forwarded to Gwynedd Mercy University.  A student seeking this opportunity should understand that the grade awarded for the Neshaminy course will be reported on the high school report card and the same grade will be reported to Gwynedd Mercy University and appear on an official college transcript to be provided to the student.

    Dual Enrollment is an educational program that can be very advantageous for students when planning for undergraduate study. The BCIT Department is proud of the student success and appreciative of the educational partnership the district has with Gwynedd Mercy University.


    The courses offered for dual enrollment are:

    Honors Accounting 3  

       Gwynedd Mercy University, Principles of Accounting ACC 106 (3 credits)


    Honors Accounting 2

       Gwynedd Mercy University, Principles of Accounting ACC 105 (3 credits)

    Honors Information Technology 2 
       Gwynedd Mercy University, Introduction to Desktop Computing CIS 101  (3 credits)
    Honors Microeconomics 
       Gwynedd Mercy University, Microeconomics ECN 102 (3 credits)
    Honors Macroeconomics 
        Gwynedd Mercy University, Macroeconomics  ECN 103  (3 credits)