• Child Development/Parenting Course Requirements

    1.   Attendance is important to both the classroom part of this course as well as the time spent in the nursery school. If you are absent from class (including science lab days) and miss an assignment, it is your responsibility to complete the work and turn it in for credit within one week of your absence. Late assignments will receive a lower grade.

    2.   Participation and cooperation in both the classroom and the preschool- classroom time is to be used for completion of assignments and preparation of activity plans for the nursery school. While assigned to the preschool, you will be expected to work with children and cooperate with your classmates and the teacher or aide who is with your team. It is important that you focus your attention on the children at all times when you are in the nursery school. Your behavior is a model for the children.

    3.   Behavioral expectations- Students must be in their assigned places (classroom or preschool room) when the bell rings and remain there the entire period unless permission is given. Due to the impact you will have on the lives of 3, 4, and 5 year olds, you will be expected to model appropriate language, behavior and self-control at all times. Consider this course like a job. Act professionally.

    4.   Dress code - All NHS dress codes will be strictly enforced. Clothing must be professionally appropriate and modest for activities in the preschool, including bending, stretching, sitting or crawling on the floor, and playing outside. Tee shirts and polo shirts are examples of appropriate necklines.

    5.   Electronic devices – Absolutely no electronic devices are permitted to be used in the classroom in accordance with NHS discipline policy. Parents- please note that cell phone texting is a huge distraction to a student’s participation and learning. If you need to get in contact with your son or daughter, please call their grade level office and a message will be relayed to the classroom. We need your cooperation in this matter.

    6.   Food and gum - Students without an assigned lunch period may pack a lunch to eat during the first 10 minutes of class. Chewing gum in front of the children is not professional and will not be allowed.

    7.   Notebook – A 3 ring – 2 inch notebook is required for this class in which you will keep informative handouts.


    See the back of this page for additional requirements.


    8.   Observations – You will be given the opportunity to observe the children when you are in the preschool. The observation will be a written account of the children’s growth from the start of school until the end of the year. Observations MUST BE SAVED and included in your final project. These papers are to be placed in a folder which will be provided by your teacher.

    9.   Photos and InternetStudents are not permitted to photograph and/or post photos of the children on the Internet at any time. This is extremely important and students will face serious consequences if this occurs. Photographing without permission carries many violations.


    Your grade will be determined by:

    ·      Accurate completion of weekly assignments

    ·      Observations (one per week in the nursery)

    ·      Group cooperation, participation and contributions

    ·      Preparation and presentation of nursery activities

    ·      Circle time plans/Lesson plans

    ·      Course notebook

    ·      Final project


    We have read and understand the Child Development Course Requirements



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