• Home Schooling


    Neshaminy School District offers students rich curricular and co-curricular experiences that educate the whole child and prepare them for the world beyond high school. We would like all Neshaminy school-age children to attend our schools.


    Home schooling is an alternative for students who may choose not to attend the district’s schools. Parents who make this choice for their children should be aware that a home schooled student will not receive a Neshaminy diploma.


    The home schooling option requires parents to complete and submit the following documents:


    1. An Affidavit of the supervisor of the home education program
    2. A list of educational objectives
    3. Curriculum materials (optional)
    4. Medical records (Physician and Dental reports)
    5. A diploma or transcript of the supervisor of the home education program
    6. Student Bio Sheet. If the student has been identified as needing special education services,  signed Special Education Program Approval by licensed, clinical or certified school psychologist or a PA certified special education teacher

    For more information: PA Department of Education Home Education & Private Tutoring Homepage