Rob McGee, Ph.D.
    Director of Secondary Education
    Michelle Burkholder
    Director of Elementary Education
     Fax: 215-809-6004

     Kathy Giambelluca  Secretary  Email  215-809-6550
     Susan Freedman  Secretary  Email  215-809-6553
     Kelly Rooney  Secretary  Email  215-809-6554
     Robert Boffa  English Language Arts and Literacy, K-12  Email  215-809-6551
     David Geanette  Science, Technology, Engineering
     and Math (STEM), K-12
     Email  215-809-6515

     Steve McAloon    Staff Developer/Data Specialist - Secondary       Email  215-809-6561

     Lead Teachers

     Janet Dougherty  Business, Computer & Information
     Technology (BCIT)        
     Email  215-809-6677 
     Joshua Elliott  Technology Education (STEM)  Email   215-809-7116
     David Heaney  Social Studies  Email   215-809-6563
     Jan King  Health & Physical Education  Email  215-809-6562
     Adam Lorence  Library  Email  215-809-6214
     Gail Park  English Language Arts/Secondary Academic  Email  215-809-6709
     Wendy Robson  Music  Email   215-809-7253
     Brian Suter   Science  Email  215-809-6557
     Academic Coaches
       K-5 Mathematics    215-809-6589  
     James Gosser  Instructional Technology  Email  215-809-6559 Website
     Colleen Stahl  K-5 Reading & Language Arts  Email  215-809-6564 Website