AP 11th Grade AP Summer Reading


    Please click here to review the Summer Reading Assignment and be sure to review the below checklist. Thank you!



    Welcome to AP 11 Language and Composition 2023-24


    Ms. Henry & Mrs. Bauerle are both excited to see you in our classes this fall!  I ask you to complete this work over the summer to ensure a smooth transition to begin the year and so that we will have adequate time to learn the content and skills in the course. The only potential changes to these deadlines or assignments will come from emergencies or school closings. All summer reading assignments will be collected digitally, in Canvas, through 

    • The Google slides presentation has all of the links and resources you will need to complete the summer reading assignment. 

    • Go to Neshaminy’s website for the links:  (or go to, select “academics” and “overview.” Then, select “summer reading lists and information). 

    Here is a checklist of what you will need to complete and the deadlines for the start of the school year.


    Assignment Name / Due Date / Method of Grading

    1. 1st Summer Reading Journal and Seminar (read the passages and write one journal) / Second day of class / Graded on accuracy

    2. 2nd Summer Reading Journal (read the introduction to rhetoric and write one journal) / Second day of class / Graded on accuracy

    3.  Read the unit 0 overview sheet and study for the unit 0 quiz / Second day of class / Graded on accuracy

    4. Read the course syllabus (come prepared on the first day to discuss it) / First day of class / Not graded

    5. Complete course preparation / Second day of class / Not graded


    Grading notations 

    • Graded means that I will enter the assignment into Home Access.  

    • Graded on accuracy means that the work must be correct to earn credit.  

    • Not graded means it is an activity that is meant to prepare and help you succeed on the graded assignments. 

    • Be sure to respond to each task thoroughly and completely; your responses will count as a test grade for the first term. You should make sure your ideas are both organized and presented clearly and thoroughly. Please keep in mind that this is an AP class; therefore, I expect well-developed responses. If you pace yourself over the summer, this assignment will not be overly laborious.

    • It is expected that you complete your summer assignments individually. Although you may struggle, put forth your best effort and make sure that you complete all of what is detailed below. Coming in with incomplete work and claiming, “I didn’t get it,” is unacceptable.