Neshaminy STEM Challenge 2: The MARBLE (or BALL) ROLLERCOASTER

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    Mr. Elliott’s Challenge Attempt:



     Teachers Becca Douglass and Kathleen Pourier build a roller coaster!

    We wanted to make a roller coaster incorporating our bridge from Challenge 1, at least one loop, and multiple floors of the house. The cat and pyrotechnics were an added bonus! 

     Logan (Herbert Hoover ES) builds a roller coaster!

     It took a long time but it was worth it... we had to design things then redesign things until we figured out how it worked

    Simona (Pearl S. Buck ES) builds a roller coaster

    I did the roller coaster project with my family and we had so much fun it took us a while but it was interesting and cool,we used so many materials such as tape,a wood vase a marble ball,toothpaste boxes,a small box,plastic water bottles an old ladder some plastic food wrap ecc.Then we made the ball roll across it like a real roller coaster.

     Olivia & Maya (Tawanka ES) build a roller coaster!

     We worked as a team. We used a marble and started at the top of our basement steps and ended in the basement. We used paper towel rolls and plastic piping we had at home.

    Ayla (Herbert Hoover ES) builds a roller coaster!

     This is a gumdrop tower that has a strong base and it won’t fall even if a natural disaster occurs. A building has to have a strong base to support all the weight.  

    Joseph (Pearl S. Buck ES) builds a roller coaster! 

    Developed a short roller coaster using blocks, blankets, pillows and even a cajun drum and sleigh! 

    Daniyar (Joseph Ferderbar ES) builds a roller coaster!

    Daniyar roller coaster  

    I made a roller coaster from paper, paper towel roll and tape. My roller coaster is long.

    Viktor & Katerina (Joseph Ferderbar ES) build a roller coaster!

    In my project I used a plastic bottle, a wood sticks, a carton boxes and tape it together.

    Connor (Joseph Ferderbar ES) builds a roller coaster!


     Kayla (Poquessing MS) builds a roller coaster!

     Kayla's roller coaster

    My father and I came up with the idea to make loops. We worked together using pex pipe and a marble. Two loops were made and the marble makes it throw each time.

    Addison (Maple Point MS) builds a roller coaster!

    I made my own type of roller coaster! here is a slow-mo of my coaster.


    Keya (Maple Point MS) builds a roller coaster! 

    It took me a while to get the structure in the right position for the bead to roll down. At first I had hoped to use a small car but it was too large.

    Phoebe (Walter Miller ES) builds a roller coaster!





     Neshaminy STEM Challenge

    STEM Challenge 1: Suspension Bridges

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     Simona N., Grade 3, Pearl S. Buck Elementary School


    "I did this amazing project with my Family,we had so much fun!So we did our research on line and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge came out!!We used so many materials such as bricks covered by aluminum foil...a big box to do the surface...more cardboard to make the road,straws and rubber bands to make the archs and the supports,as well some white construction paper to make the lines on the road..also toys cars to make them move around and i think thats pritty much it..we enjoyed it and i hope you guys will like it too.."

     Teachers Becca Douglass and Kathleen Pourier build a bridge!

    Ms. Pourier (Joseph Ferderbar ES, Tawanka ES) and Ms. Douglass (Carl Sandburg MS & Poquessing MS) are roommates and took the challenge to build a bridge in their home! 

    Molly P., Grade 6 Maple Point Middle School 

    I built a A1:F6 across the corner of my pool. I moved 2 chairs and I taped a strip of cardboard in between them. Then I wrapped rope around the chairs for suspension and used bungees to hold the bridge up. 


    Robert S., Grade 7, Poquessing Middle School

    My STEM bridge project is made from Popsicle sticks and K'nex. It took 2 days from design to completion and can hold multiple vehicles of various weight.I had a great time building this bridge.


    Dylan M., Grade 1, Pearl S. Buck Elementary School 

    My bridge is made out of plastic magnets that I received as a gift. It can hold a good amount of weight. I can drive cars and trucks on it.


    Viktor K., Grade 2, Joseph Ferderbar Elementary School

    Viktor with his bridge

    I did my bridge with my Dad. I cut with hacksaw piece of wood for our bridge and my Dad helped me. We used cardboard , wood ,tape , ribbon and lights.

     The Hunt family builds a bridge

    Walter Miller ES third-grade teacher Katrina Hunt, her husband Poquessing Middle School Assistant Principal Tim Hunt and their family take the Suspension Bridge Challenge to a whole new level!

    Olivia C., Poquessing MS 6th Grade

    Bridge model

    For the bridge we used angel hair pasta, mini marshmallows. We made a base by using three pasta noodles held together by a marshmallow. We used two little pasta noodles and marshmallows to make a little bit more support as well as a twisty tie. We made a frame on one side for extra support connected to the center if the bridge. Across the sides of the triangular bases we put little pieces of pasta to hold the sides together better. We took a shopkins bag and a lego person to show that the bridge can hold some weight.

    Jack K. 5th Grade, Carl Sandburg MS

    Also has my brother Nathan, 3rd grade at Walter Miller. It took us about three days, but that’s because we sketched out three different Ideas incase the first and/or second didn’t work and had to find out what we were gonna use, which was cardboard, scotch tape (A roll and a half!), two jars of snacks for support, and string.

    Dave Richardson builds a bridge

    Herbert Hoover Elementary School first-grade teacher Dave Richardson builds a bridge in his kitchen!


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